DEMONSTEALER releases new single; ASSASSIN set for new album release!




Demonic Resurrection‘s front man Demonstealer who has collaborated with George Kollias for his solo album, This Burden Is Mine has released another new single. The song ‘When The Hope Withers And Dies‘ also features fellow band mates from Demonic Resurrection, axe-man Nishith Hegde and Ashwin Shriyan (also DR) on bass.

Order the album here

Watch here-

ASSASSIN are releasing new studio album “Combat Cathedral” May 20, 2016-

After founding member and shouter Robert Gonella had left the band in 2014 new singer Ingo “Crowzak” Bajonczak joined in and it turned out that he was the right choice for the band. The new album shows very impressive that this band is still able to deliver fast and precise Thrash Metal on a high level. From the first to the last note of the album this is a full throttle Metal album containing loads of energy and ultra-heavy riffing! Fasten your seatbelt and welcome “Combat Cathedral”. This will make clear that Assassin is still on top of the list of German Thrash Metal bands.

Their new studio album “Combat Cathedral” May 20, 2016. The album will be released via Steamhammer / SPV worldwide.


Folk metal band Vetten Äpärät completes new album and is ready for release- 

The debut album from the Finnish folk metal band Vetten Äpärät is ready. The album “Syntyi Talven Kyynelistä” (Born of Winter’s Tears) will be released through Inverse Records digitally and in Finland 1st of April. International release date for the physical copy will be 13th of May.


Listen to their new song- Wind of Exhaustion

STK - album front



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