[ALBUM REVIEW] SURTUR- Descendant of Time

In spite of being in the final semester of my Master’s programme, I have never reached the class on time. And of course, I was kicked out today as well. Never regretted any bit of it though. So here I am, with some new material, waiting till the next lecture starts. This time its something different from what I normally review!


Surtur! Surtur! 

Surtur is an old school thrash metal act hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Majority of the songwriting process is undertaken by Shadmaan Omee, who also undertakes guitar duties for the band.

S 2

Descendant of Time” is a pure fucking treat for all those old-school thrash metal fans out there who seek the likes of Death Angel or Sadus, mixed with the feel of Judas Priest. Especially, the drum mix aces really well along with the remarkable guitar tone. The introductory song to the EP features an acoustic-atmospheric combination single, the detailing of the high ends is beautiful. Something similar to the intro of “Battery” or “Fight fire with fire”, but different of course.


It also features some well written melodic solos combined with heavy riffs. It adds a jab and sets in nicely. However, I wished they had given a bit more power to the low ends. There were very few instances where I could hear the bass. Nonetheless, this EP deserves a mention. The production and mixing done by the band is not bad at all. Its definitely worth a shot.


Connect with the band-

Surtur- Facebook

Surtur- Bandcamp


Reviewed by-

Mahesh Patil (Metaljesus Magazine)


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