” A very healthy thing to be happening for Indian Metal”: THIRD SOVEREIGN

MJ: Greetings from Metaljesus Magazine. How are you guys doing and how is everything going with the band?

IIIrd Sovereign: Hey Fellas! We are great and having fun! Hope you guys are doin’ good!

MJ: When did the idea to start this band happen?

IIIrd Sovereign: The band had it’s earlier roots from a band called Carpathia (Aizawl, Mizoram, India) where Reuben and Jonah were playing a lot with each other. Now, this led to a series of regular practice sessions where both of them were working on songs. Jonah was playing the guitar in these practice sessions till a time came when they decided to induct Jason as a stable guitar player and soon, with that came the induction of Mala and there….You had the first proper line-up of Third Sovereign which was Mala (vocals), Jason (guitars), Jonah (bass) and Reuben (drums). The name cropped up from a D.C. comic book hero called “Sovereign 7”. This was in the year 2003.


MJM: Where do you draw your greatest amount of Old School Death Metal inspiration?

IIIrd Sovereign: Its’mostly what we see and experience in our lives which makes us write our music.

MJ: What’s the state of Mizoram metal scene these days?

IIIrd Sovereign: Back in the days, there were bands such as Comora and Dart Zader who were doing their own thing and pretty much well known in Mizoram. Then, we had the Nu-Metal outfit “Prophecy” with whom we had played a gig in 2007. Since then, there has been no metal bands as such and a lot of them are not around or pretty much inactive.



third soverign perversion swallowing sanity
Artwork for Perversion Swallowing Sanity

MJ: “Perversion Swallowing Sanity” is onboard via Transcending Obscurity, how is the response for the album. What’s the recording process look like? Did everything come out the way you wanted?

IIIrd Sovereign: The creative process for the record was based on the jam sessions in the studio. Most of the songs were written and composed after we released “Destined to Suffer” which would be the latter part of 2007 and early 2008. But since our studio, which was based in Delhi, at that time got burnt, the band suffered great loss and all our work took a backseat. In 2012, the band shifted base to its’ hometown Aizawl and started building its’ own studio “Vortex” which was complete by early 2013. We began tracking in mid August of 2013 and wrapped up the whole process by September 2015. We took our time on this as we wanted everything to be perfect (for us) and so we were very precise even with the smallest details as this was coming after a long time and we didn’t want any loose ends! Absolutely! The record sounds the way we wanted it to and we are totally satisfied with the end product!


PC – Third Sovereign facebook page

MJ: Which of the tracks on “Perversion swallowing sanity” are you especially proud of?

IIIrd Sovereign: All of them!! Every song on the record has their own individual identity! Rest we leave up to our fans!

Check the album out :

MJ: Do you find it fruitful and challenging to keep material so fresh and pertinent in the Metal scene these days?

IIIrd Sovereign: I don’t know! Everyone has a different perception to see things and a different approach to work! For us, it is a very organic process of writing and composing and we just take it with the natural flow!

MJ: I can sense that the band has been through a lot of struggles over the years. How do you keep yourself motivated? What gives you that spirit?

IIIrd Sovereign: We have always seen through rough times and have evolved farther with the experiences. We have stuck to our guns always and never gave in to anything or anyone. We are what we are and we do what we do which embarks on our musical representation and we will continue that.

PC : Third Sovereign

MJ: How would you describe the scene today and what are younger bands doing to keep perpetuating the Indian metal history?

IIIrd Sovereign: The scene has definitely evolved and changed a lot then what it was maybe 10-11 years back. Bands/Artistes are very talented and keep themselves at par today and in that way, the internet has played a major role. There are collaborations happening, the gears definitely have taken a huge leap, there are festivals/gigs happening (though that has to expand a lot more), bands/artistes from overseas are making India their next destination to perform and explore the country, our bands are touring abroad on a more frequent basis and some of them with established acts. So yeah…It’s an open market where you have to take the chances and make most of it! In terms of perpetuity. I believe some of the younger bands are doing really well and making their own way in terms of sustenance and landmarks which is a very healthy thing to be happening for Indian Metal.

MJ: Describe about the lyrical theme behind your music.

IIIrd Sovereign: As I told you a lot of the ideas and concepts comes from our experiences that we have gone through or experienced on a personal basis.

MJ: Any message for the fans, friends and followers?

IIIrd Sovereign: Thank you for buying, listening and supporting the new record and sticking by our side through our thick and thin! A big shout goes out to Kunal Choksi from our label Transcending Obscurity!! Stay sick perverts….Until‘ Mortality!

You can buy their new release here

Interview by-
Gauri Nair (Metaljesus Magazine)


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