Bereavement has got everything that every Death Metal fan would expect. Right from the eerie intro to the very last track, Sentenced to Death (The Recognition), its one hell of a ride into the porch of some old school Death Metal. Having ascended from the vestiges of the Austrian underground scene, back in 1993, Bereavement has put forth their full length, Ingenious Encounter, which was self released.


The album contains nine slaying tracks, taking inspiration from giants such as Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Possessed to name a few.  The vocals by Mani are extremely terrific and his voice is impeccable. Tracks like Blood Angel and Like a Cannibal speaks for itself. The guitars are stupendous. The dual guitarists, Dan Sofic and Konrad Gordat have plunked in some note worthy compositions. The solos in songs like Without Compromise and Visions are remarkable.

I was very much impressed with the drummer, Jo and his style which sounds distinctive almost throughout the album. It has kept everything aboard and has set the tenor for the album. The drums have upheld the old school flavor complementing the traditional attitude. The bass is quite prominent in songs like Sentenced to Death (The Recognition), which is also one of my personal favorite tracks.


I fancy their artworks and the way the album was presented (which I feel is as important as everything else). The album cover is simple, looks mysterious and apt. I particularly liked the landscape which was done by Jo which was present on the booklet inside.

The production is sturdy and it leaves its listeners asking for more. I liked what I’ve heard in this record. I am hoping to hear more from this band that would go down the Austrian underground scene.

Bere 2

Ratings- 85%

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Bereavement- Facebook


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Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Owner/Chief Editor)


One Reply to “[ALBUM REVIEW] BEREAVEMENT- Ingenious Encounter”

  1. Well this is so awesome to hear that a band from that country hasn’t died out.
    I can hear all the bands ideas flowing through clearly.
    The band also sound a little like early Autopsy.


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