GOJIRA launches 10TH ANNIVERSARY box set for ‘From Mars to Sirius’


Yes, you can Pre Order Gojira‘s  “10th Anniversary” box set which will be released on 12th February 2016. As posted by Listenable Records on facebook  the box will content :

– Exclusive cassette of ‘From Mars to Sirius’ – only available in this box.
– 4 never revealed prints of Joe Duplantier ‘s sketches made before the final cover art
– Exclusive artwork flag with one of those sketches
– Exclusive guitar From Mars to Sirius pick
– First 500 buyers will get a postcard to be able to win an Exclusive JACKSON guitar displaying ‘From Mars to Sirius’ artwork all over its body.


All postcards should be sent to LISTENABLE and a winner will be picked at random by the band during Spring 2016.

So hurry up and pre order here now : http://www.shop-listenable.net/en/3_gojira

On that note don’t forget to blast the record :




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