Disrupted are a young Death Metal band formed in 2012, hailing from Sweden. They have put out their album Morbid Death, which hit the shores last year through Memento Mori (Spain).

The album starts off with the track Rotten, which reminds me of bands like Sinister and Entombed to name a few. The song adds a good punch with its deafening vocals. The guitars are quite edgy, but enough to add to the belligerence. The drum pattern is quite repetitive and it leaves some room for improvement.

Tracks like Maimed and Devoured; Buried in Bowels  has shown the potential of this band. The drums are quite captivating in these tracks. The guitars sound engaging and the brief breakdowns have reserved the mood of the latter part of the album. The vocalist has pushed himself in these tracks.


The production is maintained raw as I can sense that the band has aimed at embalming the old school essence. Recommended tracks are Feast on the Priest, Maimed and Devoured, Resurrected and Christian Death.

Overall, it’s a good attempt for a relatively newer band. I am sure the band can improve in certain areas as I spoke earlier. This is meant for serious old school death metal fans.

Ratings- 75%

Connect with the band-

Disruped- Facebook

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Listen to them here-


Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)


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