So, as we are talking about Swiss progressive metallers, Atomic Symphony on their debut album ‘Redemption’. Atomic Symphony were formed in the year 2009, initially they were a symphonic metal band. Eventually they mutated to progressive metal.


Undoubtedly, this album is a wonderful combination of ponderous riffs and symphonic melodies but in the midst of it,  the band loses something. I have to agree that this album, Redemption shows the ambition and most definitely, the strength of every musician in the band, thus proving the fact that they hold a good grip on progressive metal.


The dawn and dusk of the musical journey is in those 9 tracks. At times, I was reminded of Dream Theater and Meshuggah, their tracks like Asylum, Breathing Rage and Delusive Dreams (instrumental) seemed to be inspired by these colossal bands which cite as their influence. ‘Face the Evil’ is the song which appeals the most to me. It is musically pleasant, smooth, dreary and dark. These guys really know to use their instruments and those guitar solos are exceptional. Vocals are entrancing. Although on a whole I felt that there was something missing in this album. Lyrically, they are inclined towards war, battle field and the scenario revolving it. Redemption is a kind of album that will appeal to both fans of power metal  and progressive chops. I am definitely looking forward to hear more stuff from these guys. The production makes an impact. It’s a good work from these lads overall.

Connect with the band-

Atomic Symphony- Facebook

Line up:
Jasmin Baggenstos- Vocal
Marc Friedrich- Drums
Roberto Barlocci- Guitars
Thomas Spoegler- Bass
Carlo Beltrame- Keys

Ratings: 70 %


Review by-

Pranav Swaroop (MetalJesus Magazine)


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