THUNDERSTORM-2.0: Here’s what the bands had to say

It’s the beginning of 2016 and Mumbai/Thane is gearing up for Thunderstorm-2.0, organized by a bunch of young lads, Sushant Yadav, Shivam Gujarathi, Avirath Kadam and team. Just into their second edition of the show and they have already created a brand name. The second edition, promises you one of the best line ups yet. Featuring Demonic Resurrection, Cosmic Infusion, Primitiv, and DIRGE among others.

Considering the hardships the promoters had to face to put up Thunderstorm-2.0, Avirath says, “ We had to postpone our gig twice, to avoid clashes with other gigs. Also the lack of sponsors was the main problem. We tried to pull this off with what we have”. He is also the lead guitarist for Wrath. Speaking about Wrath, he adds, “We’re all set for our EP release, as we are currently recording. It’ll be out sometime in time mid of this year, along with a few other surprises. but for now, it’s Thunderstorm time!”. Listen to Wrath’s single Warzone here-

India’s favorites Demonic Resurrection are headlining Thunderstorm-2.0. Font man Demonstealer says, “We have always been a fan’s band. Given that our last gig in Mumbai was in October-2015 were only songs from ‘A Darkness Descends’ and it made sense to give fans some of the other tracks they wanted us to hear”. Speaking about the podcasts he is doing currently on a regular basis, he adds, “I’m not sure I remember Riju Dasgupta throwing the idea forward to me about a podcast and I just kind of woke up one morning and said fuck this shit and let’s do it. And it was done”.

Listen to the crowd’s favorite- The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance. They will be performing this song at Thunderstorm-2.0.

Indian Symphonic Black Metal band, Cosmic Infusion is co-headlining Thunderstorm-2.0, the front man Sushan Shetty comments, “We are majorly kicked to back in the jam room itself after the career threatening bike accident was in. Being back on stage just tops it all”. The band is all set to unveil some of their new songs that the fans will get to hear them for the first time.

Listen to Cosmic Infusion’s track Journey

Primitiv who are officially the oldest old school metal band are releasing their new album, Immortal And Vile via Transcending Obscurity at the show. Speaking about the new Primitiv album and it’s inspiration, bassist Riju comments, “The primitiv universe is a post apocalyptic world. Where gods and men roam free, with machines and mutants. I’m inspired by a lot of post apocalyptic fantasy, in particular by Mark Lawrence”. What better way can there be to unleash the new album!


Listen to World War Zero

Killchain who are the new upcoming favorites among the Death Metal fans, comments, “We’re gonna play a few originals along with a cover or two. The audience can expect a very powerful set from us this time”.

Listen to Killchain here-


DIRGE, a Doom Metal band who’s guitar player, Ashish Niraj says, “The slower tempos and distorted fuzzy tones peculiar of the genre suit us. We are working on a concept based album, the material of which relates to doom/sludge metal style of music composition”.

Listen to them here-

Five Of Castles, the Progressive Metal outfit are set to reveal their new album, have been working really hard toward it. The band is set to play some new songs as well.

Darkrypt, a Classic Death Metal band have recently proclaimed their new album via Transcending Obscurity and with their collaborations with international names. “I am super excited about our upcoming release, ‘Delirious Excursion’. Our main inspiration are old school death metal bands such as Demilich, Timeghoul, Immolation, Incantation, etc. I would like to thank Kunal Choksi for supporting us and it’s great being on Transcending Obscurity Distribution list!” says, Aumkar Lele the band’s drummer.


Listen to Darkrypt‘s Chasm of Death here-

Thunderstorm- 2.0, is happening on January 9th, 2016 in Occasions Hall, Goa-Portuguesa, Thane/Mumbai. Get details by clicking the picture below-


Compiled by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)


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