One of us is a pedophile- Killchain (India)

Killchain is one of the fastest rising Classic Death Metal bands to come out of Mumbai. The band started off with their first ever gig at Domination- Death Fest- 2014, Mumbai to all the way to Thunderstorm-2.0, that is scheduled for January- 9th, 2016. Excerpts from the interview:

MJM. Hey guys! How’s the Killchain camp going?

KC-Hey Harsha! It’s all great with the band. We’re stoked for all that’s to be done in 2016. It’s going to be a very crucial year with respect to the band’s future. This is our first ever Q&A haha!

MJM. You guys formed in 2014 and you have played amongst some big names and have garnered a good fan base among the live scene already. How does it all reflect back to you?

KC- Well,we don’t know about the fan base, haha! Sharing the stage was very much fun, especially with guys from Plague Throat, Bevar Sea and Primitiv, personally speaking. It’s also always a humbling experience to see such big bands playing in front of you. They were all very good opportunities, which we probably didn’t realize back then.

MJM. 2016 will see you starting off with Thunderstorm-2.0. What’s cooking now?

KC- Currently, we’re in the middle of composing material for our debut EP, we’ll be putting together about 7-8 tracks and then we’ll shortlist 4 from those, probably throw in a cover just for fun. We’ll be releasing it independently and it’s going to be a very exciting experience from the business end of things as well.


MJM.  Killchain was recently a part of the 6th Volume of ‘Blast ‘Til
Death’ (Georgia, USA) compilation alongside Scumguts, Rats of Reality, PYRE, Repulsive Vision and lots more. How did this happen?

KC- I think Vineet saw an email in our band email account one day and told me (Aditya) about it. It wasn’t something we had to think twice about. We almost immediately said yes.

MJM. Creating an ardent fan base, among the Death Metal fanatics is quite a task. What does Death Metal mean to you?

KC- To me (Vineet) on a personal level, writing the lyrics has been a major creative outlet, from a listener’s point of view, a lot of the lyrics hit me hard only after I dealt with certain situations in reality, I guess that’s how it should be, personal connect with the listener is crucial, no matter how graphic the content is. Speaking for the band, we’re just a bunch of chilled out dudes who have completely different lifestyles but when it comes to the music we make, we’re on the fucking same page and we totally love what we do, one of us is a pedophile.


MJM. Tell us about early days of the band. How did you guys decide upon forming a band?

KC- It started off after utter frustration for how these college competitions function, very honestly. We were very okay with being a studio project, then, we made a few of our friends listen to our initial scratch recordings, Riju and Nitin (Primitiv) liked us enough to get us a slot at Domination The Deathfest’s 2014 Bombay gig and after a bunch of line-up changes that had us dealing with a lot of different kinds of people, here we are. We do play a few college shows every now and then, both as participants and co-headliners, but that isn’t our first priority, we like the independently organized underground shows where we don’t have to seek anyone’s validation, people who want to watch us make sure they’re there and it’s amazing like that.

MJM. What can the audience expect from you at Thunderstorm-2.0 ?

KC- Well,we’re gonna play a few originals along with a cover or two. The audience can expect a very powerful set from us this time.

MJM. Any special covers?

KC- Not taking any names, but Obituary fans are in for a treat.

MJM. Thanks for your time. Have a good show!

KC- Well, thanks for interviewing us, haha! Cheers!


Listen to Killchain‘s song-

Screams From The Labyrinth

Connect with  Killchain-


Check the event page here- Thunderstorm- 2.0


Interviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)


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