“We face and have faced the problems that bands go through and we take it positively”-FIVE OF CASTLES

We are speaking to Five Of Castles, a very promising metal outfit who will be playing in Thunderstorm- 2016!

MJM. Hey guys greetings greetings from MetalJesus Magazine!How you all doing?

FOC: We’re all good,thank you.

MJM. So tell us briefly about the formation of the band, on how did you met and what provoked you to make music together?

FOC: Well it was back in 2011 and we met through mutual friends,got along. We had similar tastes in music and wanted to do something more than just listening to it and we all had some very basic skills in playing. So we started. ‘Five of Castles’ (FOC) wasn’t the initial name though.


MJM. Can you share what motivates the band to play the genre you guys are playing?

FOC: Of course, the bands that inspire and influence us and progressive metal is like a different style of playing your instrument altogether. The off-time signatures, the patterns,the guitar riffs, the sudden changes in a song, they appeal to us a lot and more over the tracks aren’t a typical verse chorus thing.

MJM. How did the local metal community react to your songs?

FOC: The response was pretty good actually, seems like they had a good trip haha.

MJM. Which bands did you guys grew up listening to and sort of inspired to pursue metal music?

FOC: Bands like Tesseract, The contortionist, Animals as leaders,Opeth, Alterbridge, Daughtry,Periphery etc.

MJM. Which is your favorite album of 2015, both Indian and International?

FOC: Indian album is ‘What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete‘ by Zygnema and ‘Polaris‘ by Tesseract is the International favourite.

MJM. How many gigs have you guys played till now and how was the experience?

FOC: Frankly we don’t remember the number of gig’s we’ve played but the experience was a bit tough and good. It taught us a lot of course, about the metal scene here and about gig’s too.


MJM. How’s the experience of being a band shaping up?

FOC: It’s fun really, we face and have faced the problems that bands go through and we take it positively.Honestly, we went in a unexpected direction and we’re glad it went that way.

MJM. You guys will be playing in Thunderstorm Vol 2. How’s the preparation going on?

FOC: Preps are going on full power. We’re confident enough.


MJM. So excited about the gig? What’s running through your mind?

FOC: We’re excited yeah and a lotta things going through our heads. We’re just pumped up to give a great show.

MJM. What’s the plan for the band in 2016?

FOC: We’ll be coming up with our debut EP for which we are currently recording. Just looking forward to it.

MJM. Anything you want to tell to the crowd coming for Thunderstorm-Vol 2?

FOC: Cheers folks and lets have fun with some really good metal music.

RSVP: THUNDERSTORM Vol.2 which also features Demonic Resurrection, Cosmic Infusion, Primitiv (launching their new album)Wrath, Killchain ,Dirge and Darkrypt.


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