MetalJesus Magazine’s Best Death Metal albums of 2015

Another year has come to an end and we have seen plenty of album being released in 2015. So here I am with my list for best death metal albums of 2015. I may miss out on some awesome albums but you know am a human. So don’t hesitate to share about those in the comment section.

  • Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism  -ADVERSARIAL (Dark Descent Records)


I am beginning  with this amazing record from Canadian warrior cult death metal outfit ADVERSARIAL . The record sounds very fresh and roots back to old school mixture of black and death metal. Its aggressive and holds the power to posses you with its mesmerizing barbaric sound.

  • Obscure Visions of Dark – Nex Carnis (Nightbreaker Production)


This is a perfect debut album from Iranian death metal band Nex Carnis. The album sounds very fresh with heavy influence from old school death metal. The album will satisfy your hunger for crunchy riffs  and excellent song writing. The album hold loads of variations and sort of fulfills the desire of your wish of listening to a perfect death metal record.  I bet you will agree once you blast it loudly.

  • DAEMONIC: The Art Of Dantalian – VELD (Lacerated Enemy Records)


This is the 4th album released by Veld which definitely has set the bar for blackened death metal very high. The album sounds absolutely tight and the symmetrical mixture of black and death metal is such a treat to listen. This is the record you wanna play loud when you are pissed as fuck.

  • Abysmal – The Black Dahlia Murder (Metal Blade Records)


Abysmal is arguably the best record TBDM has released till date. There will be some fans who would vote for their last record but I think the new record is an example on how bands grow in terms of musician and so did TBDM. The production is tight and is a good listen if you are a fan of melodic death. I loved the technical riffs and loads of variations in vocals which always has been TBDM‘s best character.

  • Charnel Passages -CRUCIAMENTUM (Profound Lore Records)


Here is another aggressive album suitable for blasting off in your neighborhood. Its raw as fuck and makes you wanna chew your own tongue. Accompanied by melody, crunchy riffs and tight drumming Cruciamentum has achieved everything in their debut album. The band was formed in 2005 and definitely 10 years of existence and inheritance of insane ideas exploded all together in this record.

  • Monarchy – Rivers Of Nihil (Metal Blade Records)


Its always wonderful when bands come back stronger. Rivers of Nihil released their second album Monarchy and has left the impression of WOW everywhere. Technical death metal is always fun but its more fun when you have all the elements so well compiled together. The album sounds tight, brutal and very pleasant to ears.


  • Anareta – Horrendous (Dark Descent Records)


Horrendous has truly delivered an orgasmic death metal album. The record carries an essence of owning a sacred power to suck people into the album. The old school influence is slamming right down in the whole record but its unique and nothing can stop you from enjoying it. The album is a result of dedication by the band’s hardworking musicians and their craftsmanship in each song is brilliant.


  • Savage Land – Gruesome (Relapse Records)


When legends come all together and decides to make music together this happens. Gruesome consists current and former members from some legendary death metal bands like Exhumed, Possessed! This record is absolutely a treat for all the death metal fans. There is no doubt the album sounds insane but the most distinct thing about the record is resurrecting the classic sound of death metal.  You won’t stop playing this again and again.

  • Blossoming Decay – NOISEM (A389 Recordings)


Its fast, brutal and literally punches you with its heavy sound. Rooting inspiration from thrash and death metal along with some punk and grindcore this album is a treat for those who love extreme albums. I absolutely dig the way it sort of pushes you away from your soul to go wild in your subconscious. Noisem has definitely improved from their last record without doubt. I smell something, are they in the wrong list ?


  • Psycroptic – Psycroptic (Prosthetic Records)


Tasmanian tech metal giants Psycroptic are back with their self titled album. They are playing tech metal for 16 years and they do it their way which is insanely good. Insane drumming along with some well written riffs will definitely please your ears. The record is very surprising with loads of tempo change in between but that doesn’t affect the songs in anyway. I guess those kind of characters inject the songs in you. I absolutely loved the way elements of melody and death metal are hit you all together. This one has to be in everyone’s list!


  • Infernus – Hate Eternal ( Season Of Mist)


Straight outta Florida! Yes, Hate Eternal is back with what they are so good at doing. Infernus is a treat for all the Hate Eternal followers who are waiting for 4 years and I must say the wait was worth it.

  • Only The Ruthless Remains – Skinless (Relapse Records)


New York death metal legends Skinless has unleashed their return with this record. The band sounds more tight and heavy as fuck. I loved everything about the album and being a brutal death fan I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  • The Anthropocene Extinction – Cattle Decapitation (Metal Blade Records)


How many of you thought that I won’t mention this album?  Well I kept the best for the end. This is one brutal and mesmerizing record by Cattle Decapitation and they know how to cook all the elements together and transform into a masterpiece.


I am done. I am exhausted. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Bye till next time !

-Smashhead (MetalJesus Magazine)


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