REVIEW : POKERFACE – Divide and Rule


Pokerface’s latest is a ten song opus, titled “Divide and Rule”. The album tries to reflect the reality of society through their lyrics and music. The album art itself is a clear indication of what the artist is trying to put across to the listener. Quite an interesting theme truth be told.

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Music is quite thrashy, if I may. The drumming reminds me of old school slayer a lot. Classic thrash riffs and drumming gives the album a great sound. Blast beats aplenty throughout the album which I think gives the album a fast feel. The band does a great job of keeping the riffs chunky and gruff. Some of the songs have an intense, dark intro and that gives you a bit of a black metal-ish feel. But the song itself is pure unadulterated thrash. It gives you that adrenaline rush and blood rush that only thrash can give you. Fast, zipping solos in the songs and the blast beats in the background make a killer combination. The vocalist has a range of screams that she utilizes well in the songs. No complaints on that front. The band also has a distinct old metallica feel, in a good way of course.

Overall this album is a solid 70% out of 100 for feel and listening pleasure. Give it a try for sure!

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Reviewed by –

Shreerat Kamath (MetalJesus Magazine)


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