Its the pure affection towards music and metal is what drives us to compose: DIRGE

DIRGE, is one of the promising Doom Metal bands from India, who are all set to play at Thunderstorm-2.0, slated to take place on January 9th, 2016, Goa-Portuguesa, Thane. Here’s an interview with the band. Excerpts-


MJ. For people who aren’t aware of DIRGE, who’s in it ?

Dirge- Dirge was conceived and executed by Ashish Dharker, Prathamesh Lele, Varun Patil and Harshad Bhagwat.

MJ. How would you define your sound ? 

Dirge- Our sound is of the sludge/doom metal school. It comprises of heavy and fuzzy tones coming from an old school analogue set up. Gloomy soundscapes are also a characteristic.

MJ. Tell us about the early days of this band. 

Dirge- The early days were plenty fun, playing college competitions with absolutely no intention of winning but just being exposed to the stage. It had us hooked!

MJ. Tons of really good bands are popping out in the local scene , what makes DIRGE unique?

Dirge- We are exploring a genre to which not many people in India are exposed to. But since sludge/doom metal relates back to old school bands like Sabbath, The Melvins, etc the crowd can still relate to our rendition of the music.


MJ. We heard that you guys were going to release some new materials in the days to come. How will the release take place? Digital or physical ?

Dirge- The medium of the release will be through physical records but it might be accompanied by a digital release as well.

MJ. What does this band mean to you guys ?

Dirge- It means a lot. It is an outlet.

MJ. Why Doom Metal in specific ? What inspires you to write music?

Dirge- The slower tempos and distorted fuzzy tones peculiar of the genre suit us. We are working on a concept based album, the material of which relates to doom/sludge metal style of music composition. Its the pure affection towards music and metal is what drives us to compose.

MJ. Where do you see yourselves 10 years from now ?

Dirge- On the stage.

MJ. You guys are starting off 2016, with THUNDERSTORM-2.0. How do you feel now?

Dirge- Thunderstorm 2.0 is an awesome event to be a part of and we are excited to share the stage with all the insane bands in the line up.

MJ. Is there any particular warm up exercises that you practice ?

Dirge- No real warm up exercises but we tune our guitars and get on with it.

MJ. What other band are you looking forward to at this gig?

Dirge- All the bands in the line up are great. But cannot wait to see the guys from Primitiv, Demonic Resurrection, Killchain !

  1. Have a great gig guys! Pleasure talking to you

Dirge- Thanks


Ashish Dharkar – Guitars
Varun Patil – Guitars
Harshad Bhagwat – Bass, Lyrics
Prathamesh Lele – Drums
Tabish Khidir – Vocals


Connect with DIRGE here-

Dirge- Facebook

Dirge- Soundcloud

Thunderstorm- 2.0 –

Event link here

Interviewed by-

Ab Varma (Metaljesus Magazine)


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