Queen Elephantine guys are magician in terms of expressing themselves via their music. Omen is the record I am writing about released via Atypeek Music. I would say the expressing power in all the songs were mesmerizing and the way they have sounded together with the variations in sound, instruments is brilliant. The EP features unreleased tracks done by the band from 2007-2013 . It’s a good treat for the fans as well as someone who explores music. The mix of the album is brilliant and that’s how you want a psychedelic doom album to sound like. I mean it freezes your brain and sucks you deep into the music.

Doom lovers would definitely dig this album. I enjoyed my 70 minutes with the EP hope you like yours. Blast it now !


1.Omen 05:49
2.The Sea Goat 04:20
3.Gamma 10:21
4.Morning Three 05:07
5.Search For The Deathless State (live) 17:57
6.Horseman 07:59
7.1000 Years 11:05
8.Shamanic Procession 06:41

Rating – 80%

Reviewed by Adwaita SH Chakma (Metaljesus Magazine)


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