ERASE- Erase (Self Titled EP- Review)

Today, I got another chance to review a self titled EP, by an old school heavy metal band, ERASE, this time from Athens, Greece. I received their promos in a well packaged and with a very professional presentation. It left me impressed at the first glance. The artworks were Avant-Garde, it was an eye catcher.


Honestly, I had my expectations low, as this was comparatively a new band and were still carving a niche’ for themselves but I was opined to listen to them. Right from the first track, Television Nation (You Are Not Free) to the last track, We Are The Winners is one hell of a ride into the good old 80’s Heavy Metal! Something I have a liking for. This band reminds me of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Not very often do you see bands of this genre, come out of a country such as Greece.

The dual guitars by Tasos Giannoutsos and Nektarios Markantonis are a doorway into a purgatory. They are conclusively immaculate. The solo in We Are The Winners is intoxicating. The vocals by George Stavropoulos are effortless. His voice is impeccable. Songs like Television Nation has shown his potential as a very good clean vocalist. The bass lines are much provoking. The cover intro of Damnation Alley (By Bitch) sung by Alice Kostopoulou is in class by itself! The drummer Kostas Christodoulou has shown strength of character behind the kit. The tone of the drums sounds very rich. My personal favorites include TV Nation, Damnation Alley. 


This album is definitely meant for traditional heavy metal lovers. It will leave you impressed until the last song of the record. The band has found its sound right, in its own unique way. The production is outstanding and I’m very happy with the way the band has produced this album.

It’s still nice to know that there are bands like his that keep the 80’s Heavy Metal flag high. This band is meant for fans of Iron Maiden, , King Diamond, Judas Priest and Overkill etc.

Ratings- 90%

E 2


George ‘Inner Voice’ Stavropoulos- Vocals

Tasos Giannoutsous- Guitars

Nektarios Markantonis- Guitars

Panagiotis ‘Savage’ Zouvelos- Bass

Kostas Christodoulou- Drums

Connect with ERASE-

Erase- Facebook

Erase- Twitter

Erase- Youtube

Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)


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