So, we have another version of Thunderstorm coming up and we are pretty much stoked up about it. 8 different bands hailing from different genres and influences, this varied mix is going to be a steal deal for all the metal heads in the city. Thunderstorm Vol.2 features some of the kick ass bands and one thing is for sure, you are going down in the pit!

Venue remains the same, if you have attended previous version of Thunderstorm. For the uninitiated, it would be happening at Goa Portugesa, near R-Mall, Thane West on January 9th, 2016!

Let’s take a look at the lineup-

Five of Castles – A five member Bombay based band which combines atmospheric symphonies along with death metal & progressive metal. Previously known as “Nightshade”, Five of Castles boasts influences from Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Amon Amarth and India’s finest Demonic Resurrection. “Erased by Time” & “Nightmare” are some of the original tracks from the band with top notch production.

Check them out – FOC- Music


Darkrypt – The band was formed when both the guitarists came together to work on a riff which turned out to be their debut titled as “RedRum”. Recently, they parted ways with their rhythm guitarist (Nachiket) and have got Mihir Gaikwad to fill in on the same. Drawing inspiration from bands like Obituary and Sepultura, you cannot miss this one.


KillchainKillchain is pure and “no bullshit” death metal. Fast riffs and punching drums are pure treat for all old school fans out there. The band is currently working on new album. “Screams from the Labyrinth” is surely something which you cannot afford to miss.


Listen to- Killchain-India


Dirge – One of the finest doom metal bands from Pune. Dirge was formed in the early 2014. Drawing influences from Candlemass and Melvins, the band has toured many cities and opened for some of the international acts as well. This band is definitely one of my favourites in doom metal genre.


Check them out – Dirge-India

Wrath – Formed in early 2013 and drawing influences from Pantera and Megadeth. Wrath was one of the bands I had an opportunity to review their work for our site. Fast alternate picking combined with brutal vocals followed by some melodic solos, this one is surely a headbanger. Warzone, Bhadra and Resurrection are some of the original scores which you can expect at the gig.


Primitiv – They often refer themselves as “stone age metal”, this band is a mixture of doom and heavy metal focusing on post apocalyptic theme. This band has made quite an impact in the metal scene of Bombay and they are all set to drop their new album at Thunderstorm Vol.2, titled Immortal & Vile, set to be released via Transcending Obscurity. 


Cosmic Infusion – A 5-piece Symphonic Black Metal band has made quite a presence in the metal community. Soon after their release of the debut EP, the band quickly gained momentum. This was soon followed by their debut DVD “Rise of the Funeral Smoke”. They will be co-headlining Thunderstorm- 2.0!


Listen to Cosmic Infusion- here.

Demonic Resurrection – Well, it is impossible to not to know this band if you’re part of Indian Metal Community. DR has been making quite a presence and contribution since past 15 years. They have won numerous prestigious awards like Metal Hammer Golden God, RSMA – Best Album, Song and Popular Choice. After demolishing some of the biggest stages in the world, DR will be headlining Thunderstorm- 2.0, on January 9th, 2016!


Listen to Demonic Resurrection here- Demonic Resurrection- India

Catch their latest official video for Death, Desolation and Despair

Event link- THUNDERSTORM-2.0

A perfect combination of Thrash/Doom/Death and Black metal. You got to have a better reason to miss this one. Thunderstorm-2.0, will surely blow your minds off!

Compiled by-

Mahesh Patil (Metaljesus Magazine)


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