EVERSIN- Trinity: The Annihilation (Review)

So it’s been a while, since I did a review for a Modern Thrash/Groove Metal band. Today, I write about the Italian band, EVERSIN, who combine, Modern Thrash Metal and Groove Metal. I must say, I haven’t heard anything like this in a very long time. They are a band influenced by legends like Slayer and Annihilator and you can also see traces of Sepultura etc., and with the release of Trinity: The Annihilation, the band has done a satisfying job.


The band originates from Italy and is one of the fewer bands to play this style of Metal music in their region. Starting back early in 2008, the band has shared stage with giants such as, Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Carcass and Destruction and in 2010, they were signed to My Kingdom Music. With five previous releases, the band has earned a huge name in their country and with 2015 being a crucial year for them the release of Trinity: The Annihilation has taken place.

I heard the album at least twice to get into their music and understand them on a deeper level. Right from the first track, the album is an entry into the portal of pin drop violence. Boasting of songs like ‘Chaosborn’, ‘We will Prevail’, ‘Beneath and Atomic Sun’, to name a few. The vocals are extremely powerful and remind me of the classic Slayer and the backing growls in between add an edge to it. The guitars are quite catchy and very agile. There’s not a moment were they let you down. The bass lines are engaging, especially in songs like, ‘Fire Walk with me’, ‘Litanies of war’ and the title track, Trinity’. The groove in the latter song is so prompting. The breakdowns are adequate, just commensurate.  The drums are good, though I personally felt that they could have been more sumptuous and not very verbose. Yes, the production is good. It’s raw.

Overall, it’s a decent album. I am sure the band will continue to make good music.

Ratings- 75%


  1. Flagellum Dei
  2. Fire Walk With Me (feat. James Rivera)
  3. Chaosborn
  4. We Will Prevail (feat. Glen Alvelais)
  5. Crown Of Nails
  6. Beneath An Atomic Sun
  7. Litanies Of War
  8. Trinity


Angelo Ferrante: Lead Vocals

Ignazio Nicastro: Bass, Screaming And Growling Vocals

Giangabriele Lo Pilato: Lead And Rhythm Guitars

Danilo Ficicchia: Drums

Connect with the band-

Eversin- Facebook

Order Trinity: The Annihilation here-




Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)


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