REVIEW : ISLAY – The Angels’ Share

ISLAY - Angels' Share LP COVER
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What sets an album separate from others is its unique delivery, its way of suiting what they have to offer in a perfect package and most of all the essence of owning a sound of their own. I think ISLAY‘s album The Angels’ Share has fulfilled all of those by delivering an insane record. I loved the balance with clean and growls in World Wide Suicide, also the way the band kept the brutality in all songs which possessed a different energy all together.

ISLAY hails from Emsland,Germany

To be precise the songs are super tight and you will definitely dive into them and feel the outburst each of those tracks posses. One thing which really impressed me was the groovy punch you can feel along with slice of melodic touch in the sound. The vocals possessed good variations along with bass keeping the groove alive. I must say the album sounded very different and you won’t expect that when its labeled as death metal. The album is brutal and melodic at same point and I believe that’s what separates the band from the crowd. You can get the slice of that in their title track The Angel’s Share.

ISLAY - Angels' Share CD COVER

Instinct is a good example of how the band tend to keep every song very much different from all. Each of the track has a different flavors and that takes courage; specially Go Astray, I enjoyed it very much. So no more spoilers; you will definitely enjoy this album if you love listening to metal. So don’t hesitate, just blast the album.

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Tracking List:
01 Self Adulation
02 Under the Sway of God
03 World Wide Suicide
04 Dein Herz
05 Havok and Decay
06 Blind Messiah
07 Instinct
08 Go Astray
09 Napalm Solution
10 Charger
11 The Angels` Share

Rating- 75%

Reviewed by Adwaita ‘SH’ Chakma (MetalJesus Magazine)


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