ELFERYA- Eden’s fall (Review)

It’s not every day, where we stumble upon a symphonic power metal band. One such band that I came across recently is ELFERYA, from Switzerland. To those of you who are new to this band, ELFERYA started back in 2008, comprising six original members. The band had two previous releases, an album (The Straight and Narrow– 2013) and an EP (Afterlife– 2010) and have now released their latest album, ‘Eden’s Fall’ this 2015. The band has toured Europe heavily and has garnered a huge fan following over the years.


Eden’s Fall is an album that will leave an impression, if you are into Symphonic/Melodic Metal. The very first impact you get on seeing the album artworks is sinewy. Right from the first instrumental track, Eden’s Fall, there’s an ambient tone set for the rest of the album. The mysterious orchestral track provides an eerie envelope that sets well with the album. The guitars are remarkable, providing a wonderful mood for the songs. The drums are well set and I really liked the rich tone, it came out with. It provided the right aggression. The keyboards/orchestral arrangements have been wrapped tight. It’s quite arresting when you listen to these tones on a cold winter evening. The propensity created by this effect sinks in well with the listeners and keeps them hooked. The highlight of the album is the vocals done by Melody Dylem. Absolutely mesmerizing! Her voice sounds very bounteous, and it definitely adds so much liveliness to the songs.


The song, Ghost of Mary, describes exactly what I spoke about. Tracks like, ‘The Dreamcatcher’, Across the Earth’, will keep you dumbstruck, till the end. The lambent compositions are what make this band stand apart. The production is very affluent and this is what makes this whole album very delightful. I already heard it a few times and I write this review, while am at it.


Watch the official video of With All My Love, taken from the album, Eden’s Fall here.

This band is specially meant for fans of Epica, Nightwish etc The fact that I really enjoyed is album is because there’s a good flow that is well maintained through out and it keeps every listener absorbed.


Ratings- 85%


Melody Dylem: Vocals

Mathilde Sonney: Violin

Valery Veings: Guitar

Thibaut Jehanno: Bass

Samuel Python: Drums

Lionel Blanc: Keyboards



Connect with the band-

Elferya- Facebook

Elferya- Website

Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine)

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