REVIEW : Al Namrood- Diaji Al Joor


Al Namrood is a 3 piece Arabian occult band working clandestinely out of Saudi Arabia. The band has taken black metal and given it an Arabian flavour. As per their record label, the band is forced to work clandestinely, because if they do come out in the open, they run the risk of being beheaded or publicly stoned for apostasy. Talk about being badass!

The band has a proper arabic feel, seeing as they sing in arabic. The music, though belonging to Black Metal ideologically and lyrically (that’s what i gathered from a quick google search) it sounds totally arabic. Like some dark music out of arabian nights. The mental images that form in my mind when I listen to the songs are dark, rebellious. Apostasy indeed. The use of native instruments in their songs is a huge plus, I love how the instruments give it that much of a unique sound. Vocals are gruff, kinda like rammstein a little in their sound. Drumming is intense, true to the black metal style of drums; blast beats, crashes, I love the sound of the snare though. Great work by the band on the sound. I close my eyes and I feel like I’m transported to saudi, sitting around a fire in the desert listening to an enthralling tale of rebellion. It’s captivating.

Check it out the album :

I quite liked the band, giving that this was the first time I’ve heard their work. I rate this album an easy 8/10. Top work by the band.

Reviewed By –

Shreerat Kamath (MetalJesus Magazine)


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