ANTHRAX announce new album, REVOCATION’s re-release and much more!


I love compiling the news of all the interesting things happening here and there, across the globe. Here’s another set of weekly compilation, bringing to you the likes of ANTHRAX, DISCHARGE and much more interesting stuffs!

DISCHARGE– British legends DISCHARGE, signs to Nuclear Blast Records. Formed back in 1977, who were cited as major influences to Metallica, Anthrax etc., This band was formed by, Terry “Tezz” Roberts, his twin brother Tony “Bones” Roberts and Royston “Rainy” Wainwright. The band comments, “DISCHARGE are very happy to say we’ve signed to Nuclear Blast Records, a label that knows the genre and believes in what we do. We love the family atmosphere that revolves around the label and we are proud to be on their roster of great bands, some of whom are friends of ours. We’re excited about our new album ‘End Of Days’, with three quarters of the original classic line up (Bones, Rainy and Tezz), plus Dave on drums and JJ Janiak on vocals – who captures the original DISCHARGE sound and spirit. Original drummer Tezz moves onto rhythm guitar, so this is the first time in the band’s history that we’ve had a five-piece line-up. ‘End Of Days’ are upon us, but it‘s just the beginning for us with Nuclear Blast…the nightmare continues!

Check out their new track- NWO


ANTHRAX- ANTHRAX announces new album via Nuclear Blast Records. Check more here. 


MIRROR- Multinational Heavy Metallers MIRROR launch new single “Mirror” exclusively via Deaf Forever Germany!

Heavy Metal conjurers, MIRROR, will unveil the cult craftings of their self-titled debut through Metal Blade Records on November 13th, 2015.

The brainchild of bassist/die-hard metal connoisseur/Satan’s Wrath vocalist Tas DanazoglouMIRROR was forged in fire following a chance meeting with London-based producer (Cathedral, Angel Witch, Paradise Lost) and accomplished drummer, Jaime Gomez Arellano. The union ultimately led to the two embarking on a shared musical vision that encompasses a classic hard-rock/proto-metal sound with tasteful songwriting and musicianship. Satan’s Wrath guitarist, Stamos K., was next to join, his musical instincts and considerable production experience suiting the band’s ethos perfectly. Vocalist, Jimmy Mavromatis who, with his operatic tenor, rounded out the growing unit would subsequently join the ranks. The ouroboros was completed with the final addition of Los Angeles-based guitarist Matt Olivo whose infamy was earned as the co-founder of grindcore pioneers, Repulsion.


KETZER- KETZER announces new album “Starless” for January, 29th of 2016 via Metalblade Records.  

This German extreme metal band, has now launched a landing page featuring the albums title track “Starless” as well as the front art at Make also sure to check out the pre-order section, there’s exclusive bundles available! “Starless” will be available on CD, LP and through all digital outlets.

Ketzer website


REVOCATION- REVOCATION will release the long awaited re-issue of their debut album, ‘Empire of the Obscene‘ (with 2006’s ‘Summon the Spawn‘ demo!), which can be pre-ordered here.  At the Los Angeles stop on their recent North American headlining tour, REVOCATION filmed their performance of the track ‘Alliance and Tyranny‘ (found on ‘Empire of the Obscene‘), which can be streamed via Decibel Magazine.  David Davidson comments, “Back in 2008 we self released our debut record “Empire of The Obscene” only pressing 1,000 copies at the time, now thanks to the good folks at Metal Blade and the demand of our fans it will be available worldwide! We are very excited to finally give this record a proper release and can’t wait for everyone to hear the newly remixed and remastered tunes courtesy of Pete Rutcho. We’re also including the elusive “Summon The Spawn” demo from 2006 as well as newly revamped cover art to make this release extra special.


CRIMSON CHRYSALIS- CRIMSON CHRYSALIS announce the release dates for their amazing new album”Enraptured“!
From November the 20th, “Enraptured” will be available through Aural Music and from November the 25th, it will be available on the Japanese market via Wormholedeath Japan. 

Watch their official video for the song, ‘Soul Stalker’ here.


FAITHESSENCE– Italian Avante Garde metal band, FAITHESSENCE signs a record deal with BBHells Records. They are set to release a new material in January, 2016!


VISIGOTH- VISIGOTH launches live video for “Iron Brotherhood” from last month’s “Frost and Fire Festival ! Watch the live video for, Iron Brotherhood here- Live The band adds, “Frost and Fire’ was an absolutely incredible experience for us as both a band and as heavy metal fans. We are deeply honoured to have shared the stage with so many phenomenal bands and to have met so many die-hard heavy metal enthusiasts who were in attendance from all over the world. Thank you so much for having us out your way, Ventura. We can’t wait to come back“. VISIGOTH, released their debut album ‘The Revenant King‘, earlier this year, which was well received both critically and commercially.  Purchase VISIGOTH‘s album here. 


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Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor

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