One should not compromise on the instruments : SHRAP

We are speaking to one of Kolkata’s most popular metal bands, SHRAP. Talking to the boys about their new materials, endorsements, future plans, etc., excerpts from the interview:

Shrap 2

Q. You recently uploaded a video of you guys working on new contents. How goes it so far?

Shrap: For the Shrapheads, we are working on our next album. We are planning to give them something which will be new as compare to the previous records ,and about the video which Saptak uploaded where you can see both him and Rudra are playing some acoustic, yes there is plan of doing a song which will start something like this. Let’s not reveal more of it. Wait and watch!

Q. You recently included a new member on bass. How is he gelling in?

Shrap: As you all know that we have our new bassist Vicky. So it’s a difficult thing for him to gel up with us quickly ,but he is doing it really good. He is now understanding the contents of our songs, sounds, genre but at the same time he is very energetic and quite focused on the things which he is doing.

Q. How has he influenced your new content?

Shrap: As I said, he is working more and more on it. He is now listening to lots of old school thrash metal records and as well as some new hardcore bands! We hope that he will come up with innovative bass lines which will be appreciated by many.

Q.Tell us about we shall arise. How did you go about with the whole process of making this EP?

Shrap: When Saptak wrote the songs and riffs his plan was to release a single but after he had a talk with Mr. Sahil Makhija, some things changed. Mr. Sahil told us that we could release an EP, instead of a single. We already had this is in mind, that if we release another EP we will surely cover a Biohazard song called ‘Punishment’ but later we decided to keep the song as an intro and as everyone knew that we a have song ‘Fuck Them’ which became famous after Ray Ban Neverhide sounds, we thought of keeping this song in the EP too. You can still hear and see the song in Mtv in which Mr. Vinay from Bhayanak Maut is a part of. ‘We shall Arise’ was already done, so then we thought and later we came up with ‘Torture’. So the album contains:
1. Intro (‘Punishment’- Biohazard cover)
2. Torture
3. Fuck Them
4.We Shall Arise

Q. Saptak Dey was recently interviewed on GuitarForum.In. How does it feel?

Shrap: It feels great to be the part of GuitarForum.In. As Saptak is very choosy about his guitars, amps, pedals etc. he is also very specific about what he is using on/off stage, recording etc., He believes that as a musician, one should not compromise on the instruments, if he/she is capable of buying it. For us GuitarForum.In is the best platform to showcase the live rig set up. It was a happy moment for him to share the space with musicians like Mr. Nolan Lewis, Mr.Sahil Makhija etc., Good news for the fans is that our guitarist (Rudra) will share the same space and will talk about his gears in near future only at GuitarForum.In.


Q. Where are you guys slated to play up next?
Shrap: We are already doing a good numbers of shows currently, planning a North India tour and yes, a single will be released called ‘Ready To Die’ and the official music video of ‘We Shall Arise’ are on the cards to. Good times ahead!
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