ALBATROSS- Fear From The Skies (Album Review)


To me, Albatross has always been a band that has kept the Traditional Heavy Metal Flag high in the sub continent. Formed a few years ago, the band had two previous releases, garnering excellent response from both fans and critics. With the release of their first official full length album, ‘Fear From The Skies‘, the band must have had some sort of pressure to cross all their boundaries. Now, have they made the cut? Let’s find out.

This album is a magnum opus in it’s own way. The very first impact you get when you see the album artworks (by Rahul Chacko) and inlays are quite interesting. Written absolutely prolifically in the form of stories and presented in such a manner that it leaves the listeners quite astonished, with it’s unique song structures and writing skills.   It’s very good to see bands that write such good music, and reach out to the audiences through the best possible way, with the right PR (Kunal Choksi), from their ever supportive record label, ‘Transcending Obscurity’.

I like the sound in this album, that the band has developed over the years and matured as musicians. I think it has happened for them at the right time and have definitely left all-embracing. The first half of the album, consists of powerful tracks such as ‘Jugglehead the clown‘, ‘Children of the cloud‘ to name a few. Showing influences from Progressive to Thrash, retaining the traditional flavor, the songs have been remarkably put down and have struck a twine amidst the listeners. The second half contains invigorating songs like, ‘A Tale Of Two Tyrants‘ and not to forget my personal favorite track, ‘The Empire of Albatross‘. Oh, the allurement of these songs is just timeless. Coming down the lines of bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, King Diamond, the band has developed it’s own blend of an old school Heavy metal sound, which is very important as a band. Albatross has advocated their music in it’s favor.

The guitars are sharp as a razor. Twitching and fairly arousing. The presence of three guitarists is a boon indeed. The vocals are mighty. Biprorshee just proved that he is still one of the best heavy metal vocalists in the country. The drummer, Jay Thacker has been a back bone for this album. Adding a mischievous touch to it. It has been well executed and sounds very boisterous. The bass and the lyrics were penned down by Dr.Hex. He has done a fabulous job, making this album so immense in it’s approach and presentation. Thereby, making it one of the best Indian metal releases this year. The production is very astounding and propertied. Mixed and produced by Ashwin Shriyan. Mastered by Daniel Kenneth Rego. 

A lkive

Fear From The Skies:

Ratings- 90%

Albatross is-

Biprorshee Das – Vocals
Vigneshkumar Venkatraman – Guitars
Nishith Hegde – Guitars
Varun Singh – Guitars
Jay Thacker – Drums
Dr. Hex – Bass

Connect with Albatross

Albatross- Facebook

Albatross- Soundcloud

Reviewed by-
Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine)-

Owner/Manager/Chief Editor
Metaljesus Magazine


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