REVIEW: WHORION-The Reign Of The 7th Sector

I had no clue about this band until I played them loud on my speakers. It was black, dark and what not. Songs were technically rich and they sounded mystical. Sometimes I felt like I was travelling in cosmos with the aggression in mind. I may sound ridiculous but…oh fuck this.

This debut album is very well written and flawlessly produced thus feels like the band is no new to the business but the fact still amazes me.

Whorion is the band and ‘The Reign Of The 7th Sector’ is the album
Which I am talking about.


My journey with ‘Whorian’ begins with the song ‘Flesh of Gods’ which is no less but a typical death metal number. No wonder if this song blow every death metal fan’s mind. Journey is terrific and electrifying through out the song. With the vintage death metal guitar riffs, raw drumbeats and deathly vocals, this song can easily rip balls off the sack.

As I go deeper into this journey, ‘Flesh of Gods’ is followed by ‘When the Moon Bled’ which is another brutal assault by the powerful sound. ‘Awakening’ is the song which truly awakened different dimensions in me. This song made me remember Hans Zimmer, which is quite interesting and weird.  After experiencing the abyss, out of nowhere I was ready to punch someone as the song ‘Blood of the Weak’ started playing ruthless riffs and those bass lines were just fantastic.

Forbidden Light’ is the fifth song of this album. From gruffy guitar riffs to vicious drum beats makes the song complete in every possible way. Vocal work is the same as in previous tracks, amazingly killer. 6th number ‘Gates of Time’ is completely a different material more like awakening but definitely presented in more profound way. ‘Immaculate’ is an organic package full of energy. Power delivered through out the song and insanity is really high. Most definitely is my favourite track of the album. Death meeting symphony can be heard in the song ‘Arrival of Coloss’ which maintained my excitement through out the song. This song is more of a melodic technical death metal filled with aggression and joy spilled in between.

This album is just a magnificent piece of art. I’ve got only one word to say ‘EPIC

Ratings -90%

Ari Neiminen- Vocals
EP MKN- Vocals/Guitars
Dorian Logue- Bass/Backing Vocals
HeikkiSaari- Drums
AnttiLauri- Guitars

Review by

Pranava Swaroop

(Metaljesus Magazine)


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