Demonic Resurrection‘s front man, Demonstealer is all set to release his second solo album, ‘This Burden Is Mine. The album is due for release in early 2016 and it also features his first collaboration with George Kollias playing the drums.



Today, we premiere the album’s first official single track,  ‘Genocidal Leaders’. The track features Demonstealer on guitars/ vocals, who also penned down the lyrics, Louis Rando, has the played drums who is also the well known drummer of the extreme metal and Impiety.  The guitar solo has been played by none other than the axe-man of Demonic Resurrection/ Albatross, Nishith Hegde. 

The intense aggression portrayed in the song, through Demonstealer‘s vocals and lyrics, with  death metal influenced guitars are enough to add up to the brutality and the drums played by Louis Rando take the song to a whole new level. The vocals add a poisonous element. The power and grandiosity of the sound lends a commanding air to the song, with a barbed edge, added by the metal riffing, roaring drum work and  the chanting bass line. The production is top class, there is not a single moment, where the song is let down.

I find the music electrifying. You could say that because of the malevolent vocals, that creates a very threatening atmosphere or the razor sharp guitars or it could be the aggressive drumming that’s well retained through out the song, without losing an ounce of the aggressive extremity. The guitar solo by Nishith Hegde has been well executed adding to the arduous savagery.

I have enjoyed what I’ve heard so far. The album contains nine songs, and it’s duration is a little less than an hour.


Genocidal Leaders’– single release artwork by Demonstealer.

The track can be premiered here : Demonstealer- Genocidal Leaders (Single- Exclusive Indian premiere)


The rule of the game is to keep them in fear
An emotionless being, not swayed by tears.
Spill the blood along the way,
To not get caught is the name of the game.
Power, feeding the greed of man
Religion, a controlling master-plan
Diminish, their capacity to think,
Genocide, kill them without fear or remorse
History, rewritten, a bunch of lies
Chaos, nowhere to run or nowhere to hide
Slaughter, the innocent caught in your game
Lust, hungry for money, power and fame.
Ruthless. Tyrant. Mass Murderer. Profiteer.
Heartless. Souless. Unrepenting genocidal leader
Coward. Bastard. Remorseless. Death Dealer.
Heartless. Souless. Unrepenting genocidal leader
Even a verdict in court can be bought
It’s just a matter before you are caught
Your smiling face won’t erase your crimes

The blood on your body is not mine.


The single is being released independently on 2nd October via Demonstealer’s Bandcamp profile- Demonstealer- Bandcamp, as well as on all digital platforms like OKListen, Itunes, Spotify etc. The track has been mixed by Demonstealer himself and mastered by Daniel Kenneth Rego


Connect with Demonstealer-

Facebook |Demonstealer- Instagram

Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Owner/ Chief Editor)


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