We had people enjoying Judas Priest and head banging to Textures right after: Arjun Mulky (Eccentric Pendulum)

Today we are talking to the guitarist, Arjun Mulky of one of the most well known experimental/progressive metal bands from India, ECCENTRIC PENDULUM. Here he talks about, how the band underwent line up changes, the experience of playing at Wacken Open Air, their new album and much more!

Q. How do you feel about being an inspiration to so many newer bands in Indian Progressive/Experimental Metal Scene?

A: When the band started out, there weren’t a whole lot of bands playing progressive metal/experimental music at all. I think the whole genre was on the rise and people were slowly getting out of their comfort zones and checking newer bands out. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re an inspiration but it’s really nice to see people playing the kind of music that we love and it’s amazing to see a lot of new age bands come up.

Q. Are you guys working on any new material? How are things shaping up now?

A: Yup. We have about 4-5 tracks written, which amounts to about 30-35 minutes so far. We’re not 100% sure if all the tracks will make the new album or not but we’re aiming at starting pre-production this year end. It’s great to have Kaushal on board full-time, it’s a different sound. Heavier, I’d say!

Eccentric Pendulum 2015-1

Q. Winding the Optics was top notch. Album art was magnificent. Production was brilliant. Do you think the pressure is more now, since fans are expecting the same or even better stuff in your upcoming material?

A: Thank you! We were really happy with the way the entire album turned out and we’re definitely trying to outdo ourselves, even in terms of song-writing. I think, it’s become fairly simple compared to a few years back. I wouldn’t say that we’ve found our sound 100% yet, but we’re almost there. We still have a lot of odd-time signatures, dissonant sounding rhythms and a whole bunch of technical stuff going on, but we’re still scratching the surface of what the whole ‘Eccentric Pendulum‘ sound is.

We are definitely trying to embody all this and put it out on another record. We definitely have standards to maintain and surpass. I don’t think it’s too much pressure though, it’s always been great fun writing and recording, we’ll make sure it stays that way!

Q. The band has toured Europe twice. How different are the European crowds from the Indian crowd?

A: Aah, there’s not enough that can be said about the European crowd. Both the tours were great, the most important thing we learnt was that the crowds there definitely accept more genres of metal and are not biased at all. We had people enjoying Judas Priest and head banging to Textures right after. That is something that is very rarely seen over here. The whole rift on what is old and what is new has seemed to create horse blinds and deter the crowd here from seeing or accepting music in general.

We’ve seen a bunch of gigs here where people watch one band and go out for the next 2, then probably come back for the headliner. In Europe, it’s all about just enjoying everything and having a blast listening to whatever sub-genre of metal comes their way. It’s quite great!

EP 2

Q. What was your best show you’ve ever played outside India?

A: I think I speak for the band when I say that the best shows outside the country were at SWR Metalfest, Portugal and Wacken Open Air, Germany. Both the shows sort of gave us perspective on where we stand in the metal scene and how huge the scene really is. In terms of sound, production, crowd, etc., they were both top notch!

Q. How was the experience at Wacken Open Air? 

A: Wacken Open Air was a dream come true. Seeing close to 200,000 people attending that festival, watching some of the best bands play, having a shit load of beer, sleeping in tents, it’s definitely the real deal.

We had quite a smashing set, playing at about 9:45PM. We played a good 6 song setlist (40 minutes was the time given) and got quite a huge response. It was an international competition and I’m quite proud to say that we stood 6th out of the 30 countries that participated.

Q. The band has shared the stage with so many big names such as Opeth, Meshuggah, TesseracT etc. Did you feel that in such a short duration, that things would turn around well ?

A: Playing with some of the bands we shared stage with was amazing. It was great to learn and see how professional these artists are and how seriously they take their music. We definitely had no clue that this would happen so fast or that we would even reach such great heights, but it’s been an amazing journey so far!

Q. What is that dream band you would like to share the stage with?

A: I think the ONE band that we’d all love to share stage with is Nevermore.


Q. So, the band is travelling to Chennai this weekend to headline Raw Power Edition III. Are you all set to deliver raw Eccentric Power to your fans?

A: We’re pumped! We should be debuting about 2 new songs at the gig and we’re hoping that they’re well-received!

Q. Do you have a message you would like to relay to your fans about your gig at Raw Power?

A: Come watch ALL the bands play, don’t be a pussy and say you have to head home, you live far off, your girlfriend is home alone or you have to be at a family function. Support the scene!

Q. Thanks a lot, Eccentric Pendulum for taking time to speak to us. All the best ?   

A: Thanks! We hope to see you at the show! RSVP – RPIII

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Interviewed by-
Pranav Swaroop (Metaljesus Magazine)


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