Metal fans are much the same and I mean Metal fans and not emo, funny haircut shit: AUSTERYMN

We recently caught up with the UK Death Metal band- Austerymn, who recently released an album, ‘Sepulcrum Viventium’ and are currently touring many countries. Here are excerpts from the interview-

Auste 2

MJM. Austere means severe, stern or harsh. What does ‘Austerymn’ mean? How did you come up with the name?

A: Well we were called Godless Truth from ‘91, then around ’96 we heard there was a band from the Czech Republic with the same name. We hadn’t registered the name and we didn’t want any legal issues with them. Also around the same time we were putting the band on hold to concentrate on our careers outside of music. When we started the band back up in 2007 we knew we’d need a new name. We liked Austere but there were lots of bands with that name. A guy online came up with Twilight Hymn based on the lyrics from a Thergothen song.

So I decided to take Austere and Hymn and combine the two words to form Austerymn. So, it means an Austere Hymn and is a unique word so we shouldn’t run into problems with it being used by other bands! Plus we’ve registered it now also! Haha!

MJM. I heard your new album; ‘Sepulcrum Viventium’ and it reminds me of great death metal bands such as Bolt Thrower, Carcass, old Amon Amarth, Unanimated and Archgoat. With so many death metal bands coming up these days, how do you manage to keep your music fresh and distinguished?

A: Thank you, being compared to those bands is a real honour.

Bands try too hard to be unique. But the truth is there are millions of bands out there playing death metal so it’s hard.

I just write what comes out naturally. In this sense I do not try to be unique. However as it’s me writing the riffs they seem to have my own feel to them I guess. But it’s not forced. If a riff is good it’s good and if it’s shit, then I drop it and it doesn’t get used! I drop more than I use haha!

MJM. Tell us more about your new album. How did the song writing and recording process take place?

A: Well the song writing happens in a number of ways. I like to present a song to the band finished (usually without lyrics which Steve writes). Steve and Stu both present riffs in rehearsal which I get them to record and put up on Dropbox so I can go back to them and write my riffs around them. I would say I write 80% of the music and Steve writes 80% of the lyrics. However 2 songs on the album were taken from the Perpetual Infestation 1990 Demo. Those songs were Buried Alive and Dead. Recording happened in two places. Drums were recorded in Greece by FotisBenardo (ex-Septic Flesh) as he’s a good friend of our Drummer Nikk. I recorded the Guitars, Bass and vocals in my studio in England. It was then mixed by Fotis in Greece again. All done by file sharing on Dropbox! I must admit I would have liked more time and felt a lot of pressure recording the album. But we did the best we could under these circumstances and I’m proud of what we achieved!

MJM. How was the overall reception of the album?

A: Well, it’s still early days. But so far the reaction has been overwhelming and very positive. That said in this fickle metal world there will be haters so we are bracing ourselves for our first panning in the press!! Haha!

MJM. You guys started in 1990 as ‘Perpetual Infestation’. Compared to that time, what change you find in the current metal fans and metal community in the world? Also, how hard or easy is it to sell a record and garner more fans now compared to your earlier days?

A: It’s difficult to answer in a way! Metal fans are much the same and I mean Metal fans not emo funny haircut shit!!! Access to music now is easier with the Internet! Back then it was all tape trading! However there is now so much choice that the scene does run the risk of becoming saturated and diluted by crap! This nearly killed Death Metal in the mid-nineties! It’s quantity over quality I think! It’s why I still tend to listen to old stuff! But there are exceptions and there are new bands with musicianship way better than us!


MJM. Speaking of your new album, what does ‘Sepulcrum Viventium’ mean? How did you come up with the name? What’s the theme of the album?

A: Sepulcrum Viventium is Latin for The Living Grave – or Grave of the living! We have a song on the album called The Living Grave it also fits with the Zombie feel to the album!

By the way the whole album is not about Zombies! Haha!

My lyrics are more literal – horror stories to music. However Steve’s are way deeper more personal!

MJM. The artwork of the album is brilliant. It’s dark, grotesque and perfectly goes with the music. Who is the artist who crafted this masterpiece?

A: The artwork is awesome and was all done by Wolven Claws (you can find him on Facebook). The booklet design and layout was by Ola of God Macabre fame!!

MJM. You are signed with Memento Mori record label. How has been the experience working with them?

A: Awful! They are shit!!!!! Haha

NO!! Only joking! Memento Mori have been excellent and are a very cool and reliable label! If you order from them you get what you ordered!! A very cool man is Raul the owner of the label! A total Metal head like us!!

MJM. What is your current tour schedule? Any plans of doing an Indian tour?

A: We are playing shows in the UK and we’ll be playing at Brutality Over Sanity in November Athens, Greece! We sadly have no current plans to play in India. We’d love to but it’s the cost of getting us and our gear over there! But if a reputable promoter from India wants to book us, we’d love to come to India one day!

MJM. Any last words for your fans?

A: Thank you for this support, we’ve been a band for 25 years and we can’t believe we have fans all over the world! Including India!!!

Connect with AUSTERYMN- 

 Austerymn- FacebookAusterymn- TwitterAusterymn- MySpace

Austerymn– New album is available from

Interviewed by-

Aumkar Lele (Metaljesus Magazine)


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