SHRAP: ‘We Shall Arise’- EP Review


Shrap is a four man Modern Thrash metal band from Kolkata, India. The band has released and EP titled “We shall Arise” recently, and we got a chance to review it! Here’s taking a look at the album.

I heard the EP, the Intro to the album, Torture, Fuck Them and the title song, “We shall Arise”. The band has a very “Slayer” sound, in my opinion. The songs themselves fit perfectly into the Thrash metal genre. Crunchy guitar riffs, heavy double bass supporting it, the riffs are crispy. The band does fairly well, I like the sound of the guitars, but the drums left a lot to be desired. My favorite song from the EP was easily the title song, We Shall Arise. I’m not a big fan of the vocals, some lessons will go a long way, sounds very stressed and forceful. They have a lot of promise, but some aspects need tweaking for them to click.

final 1 shrap

Overall, its good enough. The band has potential, if they focus on innovatively using their instruments they’ll go a long way.

Ratings- 70%

The band also released a music video recently for their song, ‘No Hope No Mercy‘-


Reviewed by-

Shreerat Kamath (Metaljesus Magazine)


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