“Cosmic Infusion Army, wear your battle; we’ll see you all at the gig” – Cosmic Infusion

Symphonic Black Metal band from Mumbai, Cosmic Infusion is set to play at Insurgence VOL 2.0  tomorrow.  We had a little chat with the band ahead of the event. Have a read:

MJ: Hello guys greetings from MetalJesus Magazine. Hope you all are doing fine.
CI: Doing great. We are quite looking forward to the gig tomorrow.

MJ: Can you share the journey of Cosmic Infusion from 2003 to 2015 in brief to our readers?

CI: Well with that duration of time you can imagine that it’s a long, long story. It’s been a story of getting people together, creation, having a hell lot of fun, conquering cities, followed by an unfortunate but unavoidable break. And then a wonderful journey of recreation, which required a lot of will and determination, a significant evolution of sound and writing, and a creation of a wonderful ‘family’ called ‘Cosmic Infusion Army’.


MJ: Cosmic Infusion reformed in 2012, did you guys ever thought of starting off with a new name? And how important it was to continue the legacy of Cosmic Infusion?

CI: We constantly keep taking suggestions from our fans who keep messaging or emailing us. Once such suggestion was for us to think of a new name since we had just reformed. We did give it a thought, but the song writing and the thought process are completely in line with the name of the band. Which a lot of people have already noticed and will eventually get more evident in the future.

MJ: How tough is it to have a fan base where metal is just at growing stage? You guys have a loyal fan following i.e. Cosmic Infusion Army, how does it feel to have a good base of loyal fans?

CI: It’s a huge HUGE factor when it comes to motivation for us. Since, the kind of music we play has absolutely no career or money here in India. And Cosmic Infusion Army constantly keep surprising us by getting tattoos, coming to gigs with corpse paint on, etc., going fucking crazy at gigs (not sure any Black Metal bands see the wall of death happening, these guys make it happen. Haha).

With respect to creating a fan base, I think it’s more of being honest to yourself when it comes to making music, metalheads just seem to recognize that. It’s a natural flow after that.

MJ: What’s your thought on other black metal bands in India? Do you guys think the genre is flourishing in India slowly?

CI: It’s fantastic! We keep getting links to new releases from different bands across the country. And the quality of writing is just fantastic and improving consistently. It’ll only grow from here if bands concentrate only on making good music.

MJ: What kind of image does Cosmic Infusion posses? How do you guys want your fans to look at the band?

CI: We just write good stories, make good music and make sure we translate and convey our thought process through the medium we have access to.

MJ: You guys posses a different avatar on stage, does it somehow boost up the energy of the band to perform? How does it play a role in expressing the form of music you guys perform? And do the respective paints carry a story with it?

CI: Like we said, we like to convey our stories and thought process with whatever we have. Cosmic Infusion Live is an experience! When we play those songs live, we like to take everybody who is out there listening to us along with us into the songs and make that Journey their own.


MJ: How do you guys see black metal? Is it just a musical genre or its more than that?

CI: It’s a thought process. It’s liberation. It’s what you make of it, it’s just a way of life. That is all that is to understand with Black Metal (unfortunately a lot of people don’t and won’t)

MJ: Can you briefly speak about the debut EP? May be our readers can go and check it out.

CI: Releasing that EP was one of the best feelings we’ve had on this journey till now. And we are extremely proud of it. And thankfully it’s been received well across.

Yea, we’ve put the entire EP up online. So it’s out there to be streamed for free.

You can listen the EP here:

MJ: You guys released a live DVD titled “Rise Of The Funeral Smoke”, how was the response from Cosmic Infusion Army? Did you guys always wanted to release a live DVD or it just happened?

CI: We always wanted to release a Live DVD. Although that particular gig, we weren’t 100% sure if we were going to make a DVD out of it. But each and everybody in the band just nailed their parts so well, everything was captured brilliantly and the crowd just went mad. We really didn’t have an option after that but to release it. And make it one of the first Live Metal DVD releases from India.

DVD Promo:

Get it here

MJ: Are we going to hear some new releases from the band soon? Can you share how everything is working out in the jamming room?

CI: As musicians, with time you keep evolving with a variety of influences. The new Cosmic Infusion material has a variety of influences and yet has that signature Cosmic Infusion style. It’s a long process, it’ll take some time. But the eventual product will be worth all the wait.

MJ: What’s your thought about the lineup of Insurgence 2.0? Which band are you guys looking forward to catch in action?

CI: We plan to catch all the bands that day. It’s a nice lineup with a neat mix as well.


MJ:  Do you guys have any new song lined up at Insurgence 2.0 ?

CI: Yup. We’ll play at least one song from the next album, if not more.

MJ:  Did you guys checked out Zygnema’s new album? Any thought on that?

CI: Yup. And it kicks some major ass. Really happy for the boys, they’ve put in a lot of effort into this.

MJ: How does it feel to play in Mumbai? Can you briefly share about the best tale you guys have encountered with Mumbai crowd?

CI: Mumbai is home! Home to the band andthe place that saw the birth of Cosmic Infusion Army. There are way too many stories. The one right off which I can remember is the last gig, at Control Alt Delete. We had finished our song ‘Journey’, I had started walking to the side of the stage and suddenly out of nowhere, the entire crowd started singing the main melody in unison. All of us were shocked to the core. It’s a feeling that can’t be described.

MJ: Thank you for speaking with us, have a good time at Insurgence 2.0 . Any words for the Cosmic Infusion Army?

CI: Thank you. Good luck to you all.

And Cosmic Infusion Army, wear your battle and we don’t have to say this, but we’ll see you all at the gig. Time for the Cosmic Infusion Experience.

Interviewed by Adwaita Chakma (MetalJesus Magazine)


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