INSURGENCE- 2.0 : A preview.

On 23rd August, be ready to get your balls busted by Insurgence Vol. 2.0. With a promising line-up and quite a buzz about it, this festival is surely going to be a treat for all. Second installation of Insurgence features 7 splendid bands across Mumbai. Right from old school legendary boys from Zygnema to couple of new entrants like Narkasur. The bill fits it all. Speaking of new entrants, let’s take a look at the bands.


Killibrium, though this band might be new around the corner, band members aren’t. With quite a talented mix, this band is into extreme metal. Influenced from Nile and Cannibal Corpse, this band might drop their debut single at this show.


Narkasur is one of those bands, where I had the opportunity to watch them grow. Right from ripping out competitions and making it big. They are all set to headline shows. Heavily influenced from Metallica and Slayer, the band is obviously into Thrash Metal. These guys are bunch of talented lads. You cannot afford to miss their set.


Midhaven, A prog sludge metal band from Mumbai is definitely an eye as well as ear catcher. They launched their full length debut album titled at “Spellbound”. The band deals with ancient Hindu mythology and boasts the one of a kind conceptual album. Also, the youngest metal band in Asia to be signed by the biggies.


Primitiv, often they refer themselves as “stone age metal”. This band is surely a treat for all the old school boys out there. With a mixture of doom and heavy metal, the band focuses on the post apocalyptic theme.


Cosmic Infusion, a Symphonic Black Metal band has made quite a presence in the metal community. Soon after their release of the debut EP, the band quickly gained momentum. This was soon followed by their debut DVD “Rise of the Funeral Smoke”.


The Calvin Cycle, are probable one of the fastest rising bands from Mumbai! They are also one of the fewest bands to play ‘Gothic Rock’, in the scene. From mesmerizing the audience in Mumbai before, to playing even the prestigious Sunfire Rock Fest, Bangalore, the band has now returned to Mumbai with Insurgence-2.0. The band has some exciting news for all it’s fans in the coming days!


Zygnema, unless you are living under the rock for past 10 years, this band needs no introduction. Wada Pav + Sutta + Chai + Zygnema = Metal Mumbaikar, if I had to put this into an equation. Zygnema has launched two full fledged albums which were critically acclaimed. Right from college competitions to Wacken, Zygnema has been winning hearts of all.


To sum it up, if you are a cry baby who complains about the lack of metal gigs. You better don’t know atleast. Head over to Marine Centre at Vashi to check out these guys live on 23rd, August, 2015!

Event details-


Compiled by-

Mahesh Patil (Metaljesus Magazine)


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