RAW POWER- II : Review

Just a few days ago, Chennai had the experience of what brutality was all about. Zygnema unveiled their new album ‘What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete‘ at their launch gig at Raw Power, Chennai. Playing alongside a lot of promising metal bands from the city, the crowd had something to die for.

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Courtesy-Bryan J. Daniel Photography (Raw Power)

Even though the show started a bit late due to technical glitches, every single band definitely killed it that night. For the opening bands Godia and Fatal Conspiracy, it was their first live gig in Chennai after playing a series of competitions through out the year. The crowd’s energy kept moving a notch further up as each band took the stage! That night Chennai crowd literally showed their Raw Power, with some of the craziest pits and wall of deaths! 

Godia were a great start to the show, and kept the crowd on their feet. Fatal Conspiracy made full use of the drum raiser and monitors on either side of the stage which set the trend for all other bands that followed suite. Spine Shatter were playing their second show at Raw Rower and this time they had prepared a special set list which included songs from their latest EP.

Spine Shatter‘s set list included-

  • In the name of god
  • War Within
  • Ascendance
  • Black label (cover)
  • Territory (Where Jimmy joined them on vocals), and a Pantera medley .



Spine Shatter– Picture taken by Chaitali Wasnik.

Fatal Conspiracy’s setlist-

  •  Reflecting Yesterday
  •  Broken Promise
  • Monotonous Hallucination
  • Hospital For The Healed



Fatal Conspiracy-Live


Godia played-

  • Intro track
  • Sexual man chocolate (attack attack)
  • Reborn
  • Escape from hell
  • When silence breaks (breakdown of sanity)
  • Burial of the wicked
  • Faded line (Lamb of God- cover)
  • Undefined judgement



Godia– Live

Next up, Chennai’s groove masters Blind Image took the stage after a two year hiatus. The new guitarists (Sairam from Halcyon days) and Karun Ramani (a student of SAM) really killed it. It was great to hear a couple of songs from More than Human – Semper Infidelis, Allegiance in Defiance, Sepia Tone Surprise, Glitch in the System and a new song.


Blind Image– Raw Power-II

By this time, the crowd went berserk and beckoned the final headlining band to take centre stage with chants of “BC, MC” filling up Geoffrey’s! Zygnema started their set list with Shell Broken Hell Loose, and went into to play songs from both the new and old album – Born of Unity : 59, Theory of lies and Negation. From What Makes Us Human is Obsolete : Invidious, The Phoenix Effect, Reform Rebirth, and Luke joined them for the A Design to Choose. Ending the night with Scarface, Chennai was mutilated and destroyed in every right aspect. Raw power II could’ve had a larger turnout, but it was a start to something much larger. Watch out for the Edition III line up! It’s going to be mad!

RP 2

More gig photos can be found here-

Raw Power- II- Photo album

Compiled by-

Harsha Vardhan – (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Manager)


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