RITUAL CHAMBER (One Man Death Metal) – The Pits Of Tentacled Screams- Album review

I have always loved those bands who have taken their promotions seriously. There is always a systematic approach of how to reach out to the magazines and labels. Ritual Chamber is definitely one of them. Irrespective of their genre, the band certainly knows how to reach out to the masses.

One man Death Metal ? Ritual Chamber has it all for you!


Their first EP, “The Pits of Tentacled Screams” consists of 5 tracks. A class mix of death and what it seems to be gut metal. Songs are well written, composition is definitely above average stuff. Vocals are quite remarkably good. Insane blast beats will catch you off guard. Quite off time signature which adds up a bit of progressive elements in death metal. Few tracks have acoustic/dark atmospherics in the backing. Guitars riffs draw a lot of influences from various genres which keep you going through the EP.

RC 2

However, the band is going to take a hit when it comes to production. If they manage to get their production set then this band will blow roofs and on chicks too.  Since the band is signed to a label and is undertaking heavy promotions. They should definitely reconsider their tonal aspects.

To sum it up all, Ritual Chamber is quite “In your face” old school metal which you’ve been looking for.

Ratings- 70%

Connect with RITUAL CHAMBER here-

Ritual Chamber- Facebook


Dario D. – All instruments

Reviewed by-

Mahesh Patil– (Metaljesus Magazine)

Metaljesus Magazine – Entertainment Magazine


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