Review – Apostate – Time Of Terror


As I sip through my coffee, I nod my dull head to this insane doom record by Apostate titled Time Of Terror. The band hailing from Lviv, Ukraine was formed in 1993, split up in 2001 and again reactivated in 2009. Time Of Terror is their second full length album after Trapped In A Sleep (2010). The album is amazing and it can get inside right through in your heart and make you feel all the emotions the songs are conveying. The song writing is absolutely kickass and it kinds of dig your soul till it can absorb your concentration.


In terms of its brilliant delivery of all the musical variations, I must say this band is insane. I loved the crunchy delivery of riffs and those slaying bass lines constantly keeping you in track with the emotion the song holds. Vocals are definitely done in the best way, not that loud but it kinds of tend to control your sub-conscious. The album is a complete package for the doom metal lovers. I personally loved the way the melodic and death metal elements are so well acquired in the record. Definitely a must listen for all the doom lovers.

Track list :

01. Solar Misconception
02. Pale Reflection
03. Pain Served Slow
04. Memory Eclipse
05. World Undyin

Check it here :

Apostate is :

Alexander Kostko – bass
Bohdan Kozub – vocals
Nikita Holovin – drums
Yuriy Savchuk – guitar
Vlad Filimon – guitar

Rating – 80%

Review by

Smashhead (MetalJesus Magazine)

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