“HOLY WAR” music video revealed by Thy Art Is Murder

Thy Art Is Murder has revealed their music video for Holy War. The band has released their third studio album with the same name via Nuclear Blast Records. You can read about their progress by clicking here. The band is streaming their whole album as well, click on the artwork to check out :


Check out HOLY WAR :


Lyrics :

Die for Christ
Die for Allah
Die for Jerusalem
Die for Torah
Father and son marching in rhythm
Firing bullets through the skulls of the children

Holy war
Mortars and martyrs
Holy war
Unholy followers
Holy war
Brainwashed with death
Holy war
Unholy mess
I reject the laws of the misguided
False prophets imprison nations fueling self annihilation

I reject pocket lined political demons
Who arm the ignorant for election season

Empires buried in sand a history of the failures in man

Armies of guardians
Servants of bibles
Reciting verses as they stand before rifles
Millions of lives erased
Hatred marked as madness
Violence in leaves of scripture
A world aflame with malice

We will all die for nothing
There is silence in the house of God
There is only the cry of hell


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