Review – DEGENERHATE -Chronicles Of The Apocalypse

Quick, Extreme, Suffocating- and finally mixed with brutality. Wait; don’t be confused, I am talking about Degenerhate’s album “Chronicles of the Apocalypse”. Degenerhate hailing from Rome formed in 2002 but all the members are in the scene from 1989 with other bands. So in a way this is sort of a Grindcore super group and they don’t fail to impress with their unique approach.

Degenerhate - Chronicles Of The Apocalypse (front)

Chronicles of the Apocalypse is a dose of exotic pleasure for all the grindcore lovers. The album consists of 19 tracks and all the tracks are written precisely in a quiet brilliant way and vary from each one with a unique approach towards delivering the beautiful music. From Intro to Outro its processed like a time bomb which is set to explode on the basis of its progression. Taking tracks like “Bushit”, “War Inside…head”, “Power” among few which are quick, extreme and completely a dose for those who are into complete chaos and brutal grindcore. Tracks like “Earth Fest” , “Behind The….Horizon”, among the few which are written in a way which give us the slight touch of melody and some excellent quick solos. As the tracks are quiet less in length, the way all the tracks push in with some message and a different approach in the tempo is quiet a payoff for the listeners. It’s a hell load of a album with variations, solos, blasts and voices of suffocation all swimming around in the record quiet tightly. I personally loved the quick shift in the tone and the mood of the songs which quiet make you stick to the band and you know you are not going to listen something similar like other bands or like another song. So if you are in a mood to taste something different from the regular extreme chaos of goriness, I bet this album will give you the perfect satisfaction.


The band is definitely making their own brand of grindcore and I am sure grindcore diggers love this band. The album is a must listen for beginners who just are crawling towards grindcore. If you haven’t listened to this record, then listen it now and share around. Don’t worry links are attached as always, so what are you waiting for? Play it loud and Keep Smashing \,,/.

Track List :

1 Intro
2 Bushit
3 Earth First
4 War Inside My Head
5 Behind the Black Horizon
6 Power
7 All the Promises I Have Made
8 Cannibal Ritual (Blood cover)
9 Breeding Hatred Inside
10 Fur Is Dead
11 Another You Another Me
12 Last Fight
13 New World Disorder
14 No Excuses Anymore
15 Running Through the Blood (Fear of God cover)
16 Under the Same Sky
17 Song of Hate and Destruction
18 Turn Off the TV Turn on the Brain
19 Outro

Buy the album : CD UNIVERSE | iTunes | Amazon

Members –
GIANLUCA LUCARINI: lead guitar-screaming/backing vocals
FABIO FRASCHINI: bass guitar
RENATO LUCANDRI: vocals/grunts
ANGELO VERNATI: rhythm guitar

You can find the band in facebook | twitter

The band released a music video for Fur Is Dead recently,check it  :

Rating – 80%

Reviewed by Smashhead (MetalJesus Magazine)


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