Obscene Extreme Festival release 2015 CD artwork!

Obscene Extreme Festival has released the track list and artwork for its upcoming 2015 festival CD ! The festival is famous for having all the extreme bands in its tally and having the most crazy crowd.



Track List :

01. OBITUARY – Centuries Of Lies
02. S.O.B. – Downfall Of Civilization
03. PIG DESTROYER – The Diplomat
04. THANATOS – Global Purification
05. UNHOLY GRAVE – Groans In The Darkness (Re-mix)
06. BULLDOZER – Ilona The Very Best (Alternative mix)
07. GENERAL SURGERY – Rhythmic Epidermal Clamor
08. 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA – 3 Burn Marks On The Skull Of Trutnov UNRELEASED
09. HIRAX – Broken Neck
10. BROKEN HOPE – Ghastly
12. PUTRID OFFAL – Suffering
13. BBYB – Kozí dech
14. LAUTSTÜRMER – From First Breath
15. LIFELESS – Moribund
16. CLOUD RAT – The Boar’s Snout
17. FOETAL JUICE – Albert Grindstein
18. BODYFARM – The Well Of Decay
19. MARUTA – Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth
20. FREDAG DEN 13E – Varje Dag är en Domedag
21. URTIKARIA ANAL – Mariachi Grind killer
22. HEAD CLEANER – Game Rules
23. INCARCERATION – Cemetery of Lies
24. ICON OF EVIL – Zapchajcie Sobie Mordy
25. EVISORAX – Locust Breeders
26. SICK OF STUPIDITY – Nitroglycerin Incineration UNRELEASED
28. RABID DOGS – Death Wish
29. ENEMA SHOWER – Fist Of Love (Tight Teens Version)
30. ALEA IACTA EST – Sebek
31. ALEA IACTA EST – Kiszáradt Igazság
32. MINDFUL OF PRIPYAT – Deep Water Coffin
33. TEETHING – You Live A Life You Don’t Like UNRELEASED
34. UxLxCxMx – Dippy Dingo
35. TEETHGRINDER – Hope in Death
36. FAILURE TRACE – I Don’t Need Your Precious Gift

The 2015 edition of the  festival is set to take place on July 8 to 12 at TRUTNOV – Battlefield, CZECH republic featuring bands like Obituary, Pig Destroyer among loads of the bill.



Follow the festival :



Also RSVP:https://www.facebook.com/events/811619218862526/

If you are in Europe, you just can’t miss this one 🙂 In grind We trust \m/

EYEHATEGOD performing live in last year’s OEF


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