RAW POWER- II- Chennai’s ultimate Metal destination

So, the Chennai metal scene is back with their power packed show “Raw Power – Edition II”. With this edition’s line up so strong and punching, it will bust your jaw and drop your balls so hard that you will never see it coming.


Godia, Fatal Conspiracy, Spine Shatter, Blind Image and Zygnema are all set to kickass this weekend at Geoffrey’s Pub.

Speaking of Godia first, it’s 5 piece Metalcore band to begin with. School buddies who took their passion seriously, they’re out there to make some fine music. Drawing their influences from Lamb of God, August Burns Red and Suicide Silence, the music they deliver is quite mesmerizing. Their song “Escape from Hell” is definitely a pit opener.


Fatal Conspiracy, a piece Progressive Metal band has made quite a noise in the metal scene. Influenced by range of bands from Tool to Born of Osiris, the band has managed to get quite a unique style in this genre. The band aces in its composition, do look out for “Reflecting Yesterday”.


Spine Shatter, a recently formed groove metal band which knows its shit. Making quite a presence in the scene, they’re back to blow everyone (not literally). Their EP “Ascendance” will blow your mind off the roof. This band is definite, you cannot afford to miss.  Look out for the bass solo in “War Within”.


Blind Image, it is one of those bands which have stayed in the “scene” for quite a long time. They have released two albums titled as Psychobabble (2008) and a conceptual album called as “More than Human” (2009). They are supported by various brands like Gibson, Schecter, Spector, Mapex etc.  To sum it up, this band is sure to break your bones and make you piss in your pants.


Zygnema, this band practically needs no introduction. Rolling Stone Metal Award winners, Zygnema has managed to bag a lot of accolades. They had launched their “Born of Unity” back in 2010, which was appreciated by whole lot of fans. Songs like Machine State Hibernation, 59, Theory of Lies and Negation are few of the songs which will bust you open.  This 4 piece thrash/groove metal focuses on political and social evils. The band will be launching their new album “What makes us Human is Obsolete”.  The teaser is already sounding way too badass. This one show, you cannot afford to miss.


Buy the new ZYGNEMA album, ‘What makes us Humans is Obsolete’ here-


Z 2



Compiled by-

Mahesh Patil (Metaljesus Magazine)



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