Bad Guynaecology is the second album by London based rock act Bad Guys released via Riot Season Records. The record is a fun one and compiles of weird combination of many genres all together. The record holds the elements of metal, doom, punk and explodes a stoned attitude. The album definitely sets an image of being bad and going crazy everywhere, which can be reflected with all the lyrics. The album is fun and the songwriting is unique which doesn’t sound that bad. It definitely has that slight touch of metal and it’s perfectly blended in with the approach they had.

Their story behind the songs are ridiculous which includes story of shoplifting, prostitutes making out in garden, hating a snake and the list goes on. Honestly I felt the album is a good reflection of complicated writing and tangled approach which might reflect our society and the situations our life goes through in. So if this album can make our head nod and make us go WHAT THE FUCK! I guess the band has achieved their goal. So if you are into wild adventures of music don’t forget to check the record out. Get stoned with this album and Keep Smashing \m/

Track List :
1. Crime (6:09)
2. Prostitutes (3:46)
3. Zoltan (2:20)
4. World Murderer (5:31)
5. Reaper (4:31)
6. Fabled Succubus (4:22)
7. Motorhome (1:32)
8. No Tomorrow (11:48)

Grab the album here

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Also check their music video for Prostitutes :


Rating -70%

Reviewed by SMASHHEAD (MetalJesus Magazine)


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