CYHYRAETH – Servant To The Fire (Album Review)


Servant The The Fire is the first full length album by Cyhyraeth released in late 2014. The album appeals to be decent and conveys a unique character along with its sound. The band worked really hard to put out their creative seeds in the album and you can understand that by their unique fresh approach in the record. The album is brutal and explodes a lot of various flavors as the album keep on approaching towards the core. The vocals are powerful and insanely delivered. It’s not just another lady fronted band; the band is insanely determined to make it big in the scene. The brutal and melodic combination in the record is well written. The songwriting is really impressive, all the elements are well balanced but some portions might have sounded better but it’s a good record considering it’s the first full length by the band.

Intense thrashing, crushing riffs, mad drumming, those powerful bass inputs and anger exploding out of vocals from Alex and Jessica  is enough to make this record quiet deadly. Cyhyraeth definitely has set the bar at high for them and it will be intense to see them raising it higher in future.


The sound of the band might be generic but the band tried to establish their sound and I believe they have definitely made some mark. A Farewell To Harm quickly got stuck in my head, the song is brilliant, aggressive and all the elements are so fitted in well. Confliction is a destructive one; it’s absolutely a hit no for live. Aftermath lightened up the melodic side of the band. It sounds peaceful and carries loads of emotion with it with clean vocals being the cherry on top . You should definitely blast the album out and give a chance to this if you are into death metal and have a thing for brutal/melodic sound. I enjoyed it and hope to hear more from the band in future.

Cyhyraeth :

Jessica McCain (Vocals)
Alex Jack (Guitars, Vocals)
Zach Marsden (Guitars)
Zach Palmer (Bass)
Kenny Sisk (Drums)

Listen it here :


Track List:

1. As the World Burns
2. Indoctrinate
3. A Farewell to Harm
4. Confliction
5. Mutation
6. Awakening
7. Aftermath
8. Calm Before the Storm
9. Suffocate
10. Servant to the Fire
11. Final Relapse

Also the band released a music video for Servant To The Fire :


Rating : 75%

Reviewed By SMASHHEAD (MetalJesus Magazine)


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