A good way to start a day is listening to KADAVERFICKER. The band recently released their second full length album Nekrokore is Love. These crazy Germans do know their shit as they have been doing that for 22 years and hence this record is definitely the sickest record they have done so far. The genre of the band itself is a hybrid of many influences from Grindcore, Death Metal, Goregrind, Sludge, Crustcore to Punk. They call it Nekrokore and I guess it suits perfectly.

KADAVERFICKER - Nekrokore is Love Cover

The album is crazy, brutal and fluent in a very destructive way. The sound is strong, raw and just can give you the vibe of going crazy in the middle of a road. The way the album approaches and tries to posses you with its insanity is brilliant. It feels like you are walking through a suffocation chamber and instead of suffocating, you are actually enjoying it. Listening to the album is like stepping into a crazy party and you are boosted with power to do whatever you want.  One after another track keeps on slamming you to ground with its powerful punchy sound. That’s the bar this album holds and if you are into grind music you are going to definitely make yourself wet with it.

The band holds special power in the genre they are writing their songs for a very long time. This is something which will make you laugh, cry and crazy. So don’t wait long, go check Nekrokore is Love and fell in love like a crazy fucker.

Track List :
01. Introduction to Corpse Seduction
02. Nekrobama
03. Ebola bitch
04. Nekrokore is love
05. Happy hymen virgin buster
06. We are NRW
07. Beklopptah
08. Nekro transition (Interlude I)
09. Grind is dead
10. Severe congenital malformation
11. Nekro power in the acid shower
12. Je suis nekro
13. Elegiac space tunnel
14. Creep credo
15. Interception to exclude (Interlude II)
16. Pessimistic lines
17. Bis hierher und dicht weiter
18. Weggeporkt & abgelasht
19. Totgewebe
20. Tote Körper lamentieren nicht
21. The nekrophiliac conclusion
22. Nekrofickerland

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Rating-80 %

Reviewed by SMASHHEAD (MetalJesus Magazine)

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