It is great to be back at Domination and we are excited. Yeah, we’ll blast the venue alright : Siddharth Naidu (Threinody)

Threinody , one of the country’s  oldest and best Thrash Metal band will be playing in Domination – The Deathfest 2015. We had a little chat with Vocalist and Bassist of the band, Siddharth Naidu .


MJ-Hello, Namaste, Bonjour Threinody. How are you guys doing?Hengide Jeevana (How’s life)?

T– We are doing alright, thanks!

MJ– I know this is a common question, but it’s worth a shot. Why this Greek name ‘Threinody’? Is there any story behind the name?

T-The band’s name is derived from the word “Threnody“, which means a song of grief or a dirge. We changed the spelling slightly to “Threinody” because we discovered that there were 3-4 other bands called Threnody. We found the word in a dictionary, thought it was a cool name, and called our band that.

MJThreinody is one of the oldest bands of Bangalore and it is the first heavy metal band to seal victory in Strawberry Fields. You people know the Indian metal scene very well. How was the scene back then and how is it now?

T-Glad that someone remembers their local metal history! A student from NLS invited us to compete at last year’s Strawberry Fields, so I asked him to go and check which band won in 2000. The scene has gone through many ups and downs. There were not so many bands back then. I think it was around 2000 that we began seeing nu metal catching on in Delhi and Mumbai. Before that, all you had was old school metal, thrash and death metal. Even thrash / death metal bands were not that common. Two things that have caused the scene to explode are the internet, and availability of a wide variety of affordable musical instruments. While the number of bands has increased tremendously, there are only a handful of skilled, dedicated bands. I notice that the respect for musicians has decreased over the years. The trend of playing for free is partly responsible for this…we create our own monsters.

MJ-Your last single release ‘Surrender to Blade’ has a very interesting lyrical theme. Can we get to hear more about this?

T-Surrender to the Blade is a song about Dr. Grimm, an evil doctor whose medical license was revoked after he was found to be prescribing illegal and dangerous drugs. Following the drug overdose deaths of 3 of his former patients, Dr. Grimm was found guilty of malpractice and his medical license was revoked.

He now supports himself by illegally harvesting organs. He operates out of a dingy “clinic” in an isolated area. Dr. Grimm specializes in back surgeries, but the only problem is that he also takes a kidney. If you are lucky, he takes one kidney. If you are really unlucky, homeless and untraceable, then the doctor hits you with an anesthesia overdose, takes whatever he can harvest from your body, and buries the rest in a deep pit behind the “clinic”.

MJ-Are you guys working on any new album?

T-“The Toxic Age” will be out in roughly 2 months.


MJ-Domination-The death fest witnessed Threinody at it’s first edition back in 2000. After 15 years of time, it is now witnessing again. How much are you guys excited to play there? How well are you guys prepared to blast the venue with unstoppable speed riffs?

T-It is great to be back at Domination and we are excited. Yeah, we’ll blast the venue alright.


MJ– Out of topic, do you think aliens are real and do they exist? 😛

T-Yeah, there is intelligent life out there. Don’t blame them for not making contact….they have their own reasons for that.

Thank you Threinody for spending your most precious time. Hope you guys break some necks with killer riffs in Domination fest. Long live Thrash. Get Set Threinody!

Domination – The Deathfest 2015 will take place on 16th MAY , don’t forget to RSVP

Visit Threinody

Interview by Pranav Swaroop (MetalJesus Magazine)

Metaljesus Magazine – Heavy Metal Magazine


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