WINTER GATE: ‘Dis-Illumination’ – Review

Today am reviewing one of India’s uprising bands WINTER GATE’s EP –Dis-Illumination.

Winter Gate is a Jaipur based 4-piece classic progressive death metal. Signed to Transcending Obscurity, they have so far released this one EP titled ‘Dis-Illumination’. They recently played at Rolling Stone Metal Awards Pre-gig in Jaipur. Let’s get on with the EP now.


The EP kicks off with ‘Beyond the light’, a minute and half long keyboard intro to the EP. That’s all there is to it. Then the EP kicks off with ‘Wreath of mist’, an 11 minute ballad, fast paced death metal song. Having gone over the EP about thrice now, I wasn’t very impressed with the songs to be honest. I wouldn’t say their sound is uncommon but it does leave a little to be desired. If it did sound a little more unique i would have loved it even more! Power chugs begin the song, then they go soft, suddenly back to the hardcore chugs, the usual up and downs. Unfortunately couldn’t find much progressive to wax eloquent about. They’re not bad at all. No sire. They’re quite good at what they’re doing. It’s impressive enough to know that they’re a good band. But somehow they didn’t have anything that made me go “holy crap that’s amazing!” Technically gifted, yes. Quite good to hear as well, for a normal listener.

WG 2

More progressive please. The band has plenty of potential to add that progressive edge to their songs that would make them a stellar band, in my opinion. Looking forward to hearing more from them.

Ratings- 75%

Winter Gate sites-


Winter Gate is-

Sudeep Saxena – Drums
Devashish Dutt – Guitars/Vocals
Krishanu Bora – Guitars
Mandeep Yadav – Bass Guitar

Reviewed by-

Shreerath Kamath (Metaljesus Magazine)

Metaljesus Magazine – Heavy Metal Magazine


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