Review – IUMENTA – Blood Red

IUMENTA hailing from Norway will be releasing their debut album Blood Red on 10th April, 2015. I feel lucky to have a hand on the record before its being released, as it’s really an impressive album. The album posses an unique scent of death metal with smooth layers of melody and brutality well put together in each of the songs. The band is believed to be at its best form in terms of line up control and I must agree to it. The record is solid, fresh and very different from other death metal albums.

IUMENTA - Blood Red

The album kicks off with Blood Red, powerful, aggressive and very well written with neat riffs and possessed the sound of the band. As you progress forward and reach Run you realize that this band is really crazy as they completely set you in a wild direction of aggressive possession with their music. Needless to say you will thoroughly enjoy the album when it comes out, so no more spoilers. In quick word, it’s neat, fresh and brutal. You can listen to the teaser though :

The album was recorded in Frog Leap Studios, mixed and mastered at Zed Studio by Tomasz “ZED” Zalewski. It also features Guest vocals in  title track “Blood Red” by Robert “Kopeć” Jarymowicz, known from bands like DISHED and TRAUMA.

The band will be doing an album launch show on 10th April at TRIBUTE, Sandness, Norway followed by headlining the underground scenes in BELGIUM, FRANCE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL within Sept/Oct. So be ready for them. Peace out, Keep Smashing \m/


Current members:
Vocals – Kristian Vetland Wangberg
Guitar – Wojciech Czyzewski
Bass – Krisztián Kovác
Drums – Jorgen Thele

Track List:

Blood Red
Point Of Beauty

Find the band in FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE

Check the band’s new video :

Rating -75%

Review By : Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)


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