ZERO GRAVITY- Holocaust Awaits- Album Review

Zero Gravity’s debut album Holocaust Awaits is a 9 track journey. Zero Gravity is an Indore based death metal band with a progressive edge, as their bio puts it.  The band is signed to Transcending Obscurity, run by one-man army of Mumbai metal scene Kunal Choksi. And to say the very least, I trust his tastes. Let’s get on with the band itself now.


Zero Gravity is a 5 piece band, one of the few extreme metal bands with female vocals. It makes a world of difference, having a female lead on vocals. The album has 9 tracks, as I said before.  The sound of the album is fierce. Chugging guitar riffs, backed by chunky drums and some heavy bass lines, the sound of the albums is fitting of carrying the name of death metal. Having gone through the entire album, I can agree that the album is from a death metal band, but I somehow found very less of the progressive edge they mentioned. It sounds more like a pure death metal album to me. Kratika Bagora has done a good job on vocals, the sound of her vocals lifts the album for me. Especially in some parts where clean vocals have been used, it really does make a difference. After going through the album, though an impressive album in itself, I would’ve loved to hear a little more progressive in the mix because that would’ve taken the album to a different level altogether. There’s also some very distinct thrash elements that the band has used in the album. Production of the album is top notch, produced by Ashwin Shriyan (Demonic Resurrection) if that matters at all. Overall, the album is a great first step for the band. Definitely something to be proud of for the band.

ZG 2

My tracks of choice in the album would be Weapon’s Edge, Democratic warfare, Holocaust awaits and Pistol in my hand. Would love to see them live, they sound like a firecracker on the album.

Ratings- 75%

Zero Gravity


Reviewed by-

Shreerath Kamath (Metaljesus Magazine)

Metaljesus Magazine – Heavy Metal Magazine


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