“We’ve heard how crazy the people are at the gigs here so we’re really looking forward to it” – Johan (MINDSHIFT)

I spoke with Johan Lund from Swedish Melo-Death Metal band MINDSHIFT recently and we spoke about their Horizon Over India Tour 2015 and lots more:


Q. Greetings from ‘Metaljesus Magazine’ camp! Thanks for taking this time out to have this interview with us.

Johan-Of course!

Q. You are all set for 2 city Indian tour. How are things looking now?

Johan-It’s gonna be amazing! We’ve heard how crazy the people are at the gigs here so we’re really looking forward to it!!

Q. From releasing ‘No Regrets’ back in 2012, to releasing a double EP ‘Evilution, In Time’. What was the reason to have a double EP out ?

Johan-We initially released two EP’S, Evilution and In Time with a couple of months apart. Then we decided to re-release it as a double EP and add a new song, This Burning Hate.

Listen it here :

Q. What bands have been a major influence on you musically ?

Johan-We listen to a lot of different bands but Killswitch Engage, Soilwork,Metallica, Gojira, to name a few.

Q. With this line-up looking all strong, do you feel that the change happened at the right time?

Johan-Yeah, with Mao joining the band as our new vocalist, we took the music in the more aggressive direction as you can hear on Evilution, In Time. And with Fabz joining as our new drummer it made it possible for us to write the music that we have this past year which will be released later this spring on our new album Horizon.

Q. Sounds fair enough! What gears do you guys use?

Johan- Fabz play on a Tama Starclassic drumkit with Sabian and Meinl cymbals. Kim plays on a Ibanez RG2127 and uses a Kemper Profiling amp. I mainly play on a VGS Soulmaster 7 string that has an Evertune bridge which is easily the best invention on a guitar for quite some time. It makes sure that the guitar always stay in tune and intonated, awesome! My other main guitar is an Ibanez M80M 8 string that I used to record almost all guitars on our new album Horizon. We have some badass songs in there that requires a badass guitar so that worked perfect. Amp wise I am using an Fractal Audio Axe-FX II and we all use in-ear monitors when we play. Eddie uses Fender basses and Mao just screams as loud as he can.

Q. What is your typical recording process like?

Johan- We start off by recording the drums with Fabz playing to pre-recorded guitars as a guide. Then we move on to guitars. I usually record two rhythm guitars and pan them left and right. May be add a third one here and there to add thickness or make a certain part stick out. After guitars are tracked we usually start with bass and at the same time, Mao starts to record the vocals that he records in his studio. To get a sense of what melodies can work over the vocals, we usually start record synths and guitar melodies and solos at the end of the process. That’s basically how we go about it.

Q. Is there any new material the band is working on ?

Johan- Yeah, we are just finished with a new full lenght album, called Horizon, that we will release this spring. KILLER songs, heavy, groovy and catchy. You guys are gonna love it!

Q. How did you guys come in touch with ‘Metamorphik Productions’ from India? How did this tie up happen ? Johan- We knew that they had worked with other Swedish bands before, our good friends in Degradead in particullar. So I contacted them and we started talking about doing some shows in India, and now here we are!

Q. Interesting! So any last words for fans out there in India?

Johan- We are so excited to come and play for you guys! Make sure to warm up your necks, cause there’s gonna be some serious headbanging going on!

Q. Good luck with the upcoming shows here. Looking forward to a good set from you guys!

Johan-Thanks dude! Cheers!

Interviewed by  Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine)

They will be playing tonight at Rock “n” Roll Night , Click for details.

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