CHRIS ADLER confirmed as drummer for MEGADETH’s upcoming album

The news was in the air but its now confirmed that Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler will be behind the kit for Megadeth for their 15th album. I did solved their puzzle at their website to confirm it.


Although the band released another image as a teaser :


and also a footage in facebook click

So, its an exciting news for all the Megadeth fans who are definitely looking forward for the band’s 15th album.

Dave Mustaine says : “Chris is a tremendous talent and an amazing person. He’s going to bring a new level of excitement and energy to Megadeth that the fans are going to lose their minds over.

“I have nothing but respect for my previous drummers – but this is going to kill.”

Source – Metal Hammer

So let’s wait and see how everything shapes out though there is still questions regarding the band’s new guitar player but hope we find out that too ASAP.

Meanwhile; Chris Adler, welcome to MEGADETH.  #Megadeth15


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