We couldn’t have asked for a better comeback gig- Kiron Kumar (Hellwind)

Speaking to Mumbai’s Heavy metal outfit, Hellwind, the guitarist Kiron Kumar, speaks about how the comeback gig was made, what’s in store for Hellwind this year and lot’s more-
Q. You guys were seen inactive for 2 years, how’d the comeback happen?

Kiron- To begin with, the reason we were inactive was because the vocalist, Akshay and the guitarist, Raj had to move out of the city for a while due to work. That’s over now, everyone’s back, time to get back into the game!

Q. Is there a lineup change?

Kiron- Fortunately, no. We were very clear to not find replacements when we had the whole situation 2 years back. It’s really hard to find like-minded musicians to begin with, and with the current lineup, the way of functioning when it comes to song writing, gigs, managing, etc. is pretty spot on with the line-up that we have.

Q. How’s the new single coming along?

Kiron- It’s coming up really good. It’s a track we’d written a long time back, never recorded it. Right now in the process of laying it down and giving it the best possible finishing touches.



Q. You’re playing alongside swedish melo-death band ‘Mindshift’,
‘Albatross’ and ‘Guns Reloaded’. How does it feel to play along such
bands for your comeback gig?

Kiron- Feels pretty damn good! We couldn’t have asked for a better comeback gig. 80’s Metal is what we’re known for, and delivering that with our good friends from Albatross and sharing the stage with Mindshift will be an absolute honour!

Q. What are your plans for the band? Any EPs or albums coming along ?

Kiron- We plan to start working on a full-length by the end of the year, but too soon to comment on that really. As off now, we’re just looking for more gigs to get back into the circuit, and we have about 5 gigs booked till August so, things look good so far.

Q. Good luck with the future course!

Kiron- Thank you so much. Stay Heavy!
Hellwind is-
Akshay Deodhar – Vocals
Rajarshi Bhattacharyya – Guitars
Kiron Kumar – Guitars
Aditya Kadam- Bass
Pushkar Joshi – Drums
HW 2
Rock N Roll Nights (RSVP)-
Interviewed by-
Shreerath Kamath (Metaljesus Magazine)
Metaljesus Magazine – Heavy Metal Magazine

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