Review – Lamentations Of The Ashen – ‘Libertine Cyst’


Black metal is all about conveying the dark energy through every single note you play in the record. Lamentations Of The Ashen, didn’t failed in that; rather killed it with its new record Libertine Cyst  which is due release in March ,2015  as  a  joint  effort  between  Fragile  Branch  and  Sylvan  Screams  Analog. The album will definitely be in playlist for black metal enthusiastic people. It’s raw, crunchy, depressive and absolutely brilliant in giving you the sense of trauma you need in a black metal album. The album keeps on changing the tone and the nature of the song within its long duration with its complete mix of blast beats, high notes and crunchy guitars accompanied by a mesmerizing melody in the background. The album consists of 4 epic long tracks which will definitely suck up all your dark energy till you roast out of doomed painful atmosphere the album creates.

The best part of the album is its raw and the production will take you back to those old days of mixtapes. I absolutely recommend this to doom and black metal freaks to look out for in 2015. Hiraeth(Torpor of The Persiflage) is my favorite from the record. Peace out, keep smashing. \m/


1.A Profane Illvmination(Convvlsionaries Of Temporal Heterodoxy)
3.Hiraeth(Torpor Of The Persiflage)
4.Dissentient Cyclic Echelons(Manifesting The Ascent And Effacement Of The Abyss)

Band Member– Bon Vincent Fry

Check out the album :

Rating – 8/10

Review by Adwaita Smashhead

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