I suppose we are the only GNR tribute band in this country- Nikhil Bhosale (Guns Reloaded)

Here am interacting with the guitarist Nikhil Bhosale, from a young and promising band, Guns Reloaded (Mumbai)-


Q. You guys play classic 80’s hard rock. What was the idea behind making such music?

Nikhil- We all have grown up on 80s hair metal, hard rock sound. This has always been our major influence. The dirty guitar riffs, raging guitar solos, searing vocals, leather, tattoos, the hair metal culture, the rock n roll way of life have been very difficult for us to not get influenced by it over the years. We decided to come together and form a Guns N Roses tribute band for the love of GNR and who had redefined rock n roll in the late 80s. We all wish to relive the 80s rock n roll dreams that we have missed. Most of the cover bands in India cover commercial GNR tracks like Sweet Child O Mine, November Rain. We decided to hit all songs from the album Appetite For Destruction that includes Welcome To The Jungle, Nightrain, Rocket Queen, Mr Brownstone, It’s So Easy, Paradise City etc. Since it’s a GNR tribute band hence the name of the band Guns Reloaded is in the same line as Guns N Roses. I suppose we are the only GNR tribute band in this country.
    We plan to cover all possible tracks of GNR from all albums to make a set of 25 hard rocking songs and later move on to making original tunes, releasing EPs and albums.

Q. How long have you been together as a band?

Nikhil-  As a band we have been together for almost 2 months now.

Nikhil 2

Q. How’d you guys get together?

Nikhil- We all come from different backgrounds. Based in Navi Mumbai, I (Nikhil Bhosale-lead guitars) was a guitarist in the rock n roll band called KhiladiShrikanth Iyer (Vocals) have been singing with different musicians since 2-3 years, Sourabh Khade (Bass) actually took guitars playing an year ago and ended up playing bass in Guns ReloadedPruthvi Khade (Rythm Guitars) have been playing with a few metal bands from Navi Mumbai, Saurav Dutta (Drums) plays drums for a hard rock band called Blame The Herb, and few other bands. one common thing about us is we are all a part of extreme sports team called Longboard Crew India (LCI) which is India’s first team of professional Longboarders.

    We all met each other through (LCI) and came to know about each other’s musical interests. We then decided to form a GNR tribute band called Guns Reloaded. We went through a couple of other drummers to finally end up with Sourav Dutta who proved to be a kick ass drummer for the band.

Q. Your favorite ‘Guns n’ Roses song?

Nikhil- Its tough to pick up one fav. GNR song… but we’ll list the top 5 that we love

    1) Welcome To The Jungle
    2) Paradise City
    3) Estranged
    4) Nightrain
    5) Rocket Queen

Q. Have you released any singles or Eps?

Nikhil- No, we haven’t released any yet… But we plan to work on some original material starting from April end.


Q. You’re playing alongside stellar bands like ‘Hellwind’, ‘Mindshift’ and ‘Albatross’. How are you feeling ?

Nikhil- We are excited about the Rock N Roll night gig at Cult Lounge. As a fresh new band it is a good break for us to perform and share the stage with bands like Mindshift, Hellwind and Albatross. We have a set of 6 songs that we’re gonna melt down at the gig. We hope to have a good time and rock the evening out.

Q. We wish you the very best!

Nikhil- Thanks for the opportunity!

Rock N Roll nights (Cult Lounge- Belapur-RSVP)-


Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guns-Reloaded

Interviewed by-

Shreerath Kamath (Metaljesus Magazine)

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1 thought on “I suppose we are the only GNR tribute band in this country- Nikhil Bhosale (Guns Reloaded)”

  1. Keep rocking, Guns Reloaded. You are the only people who have the guts to play Guns N’ Roses. I enjoyed watching your performance n I look forward to seeing u more often.
    Long live RockNRoll


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