Explosive NEW track from Nile Drummer George Kollias

Photo Source : George Kollias Official Page


George Kollias (Nile), the drum machine released a new explosive track titled Shall Rise/ Shall Be Dead. It’s a single from his upcoming  solo album debut titled Invictus, which will be released by Season Of Mist Records on May 18. The track is powerful, destructive and showcases the insane power of George Kollias in terms of playing various instruments. The song is very constructive and sounds extremely brutal with every elements being blended so perfectly in it.




He also stated his view on his new track: “Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead is a fast song at the 260bpm range. It is not to easy, but a lot of fun to play and one of my favourites from my album. I really like that tempo range, which I always thought fits my drumming style well, but I also love the aggression that comes out of this song. It is not just the drumming that does it, but the riffs… the vocals…. or all as one. The percussion is really important for ‘Shall Rise’ and the rest of album as well. I spent plenty of time to find exactly what fits each composition. For this song, I went with big war drums to make it as epic as possible! I am very happy how this song turned out exactly how I envisioned it while writing. Yet having George Emmanuel from Rotting Christ adding a guitar solo made this one of my personal highlights. George nailed it!

(Source: Rock Overdose)

You can listen to the exclusive track here and don’t forget to pre-order CLICK

Here is the teaser of Invictus :

Track list :

01. Echoes of Divinity
02. Invictus
03. The Passage
04. Aeons of Burning Galaxies
05. Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead
06. Voices
07. Treasures of Nemesis
08. Apocalypse
09. Epitaph
10. Through Empty Eyes of Light
11. Buried under the Flames

Bonus Tracks
12. Aeons of Burning Galaxies (R. Cooley Shred Version)
13. Voices (E. Karadimas Vox Version)
14. Epitaph (Drum Track)
15. Apocalypse (A. Trapalis Violin Version)


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